Business Identity Project

1. Description: I created a business card and letter head for an imaginary public relations firm named after myself.
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles): For the first logo I created an ellipses and then copied it and placed it in front of the first. Then I moves it to the left and up and gave them each a stroke and a different fill. Then I Placed the letters KB in the center of the top ellipses and changed the color and created outlines of them and moved them closer together. For the second logo I created I used the brush tool and changed the style of the brush to look more like a paintbrush. Then I created the design with the two curved lines crossed with the straight lines. Then I took the opacity down to about 20%. Then I created the letters KB and changed the colors and placed them on top of the line design. Then I typed the words “Public Relations agency underneath and changed the font to compliment the letters. For the last logo I typed the Letters KB and then mirrored the letter K and moved it so that both letters shared the same stem. Then I placed the black line underneath and put the words Public relations Agency underneath.

For the letter head I took apart the last logo I made and used each element on different parts of the letter.
3. Message: The message I want to convey with my logo is professional and simple so that it is easy to recognize and recreate. 
4. Audience: Business owners searching for a PR agency
5. Top Thing Learned: Logos do not need to have a lot of color or detail. It should be simple enough to distinguish and bold enough to recognize. 
6. Title Font Name & Category: Mongolian Baiti. Sariff
7. Copy Font Name & Category: Georgia. Sariff
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:
9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link):







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