Original: disabilities-memes-1482348-tablet.jpg

Edited: typography

link: https://www.lds.org/media-library/images/category/disability-picture-quotes?lang=eng

Type 1: The first type of typography used is a slab-serif. This is identified by the slanted extra serifs at the ends of each line of each character.

Type 2: The second type is a sans-serif. This is identified by the clean cut lines and the absence of serifs at the ends of the lines of the characters.

These two typefaces are contrasting because one is much more clean cut and the other has a small decorative element. These help you to notice the differences in the words and which ones are more to the point and clear and which  ones are more decorative.

These contribute to the all over design because they help the words to stand out against each other and they help the eye be guided to what is the most important thing in the quote.

Reverse Engineering Post- Apple

The reverse engineer post is meant to help us see designs and be able to point out the aspects of them such as color, proximity, alignment, contrast, repetition.


Link: http://www.spelplus.com/post_iphone-6-ad_297290/


Color: The colors used in this ad are very simple. The limited use of color ads to the impact of the aspects that do use color. The purple flower on the phone makes the phone an obvious centerpiece of the image. The use of color also makes the use of whitespace more impactful. It helps to make the phone and the text stand out as much as possible. The contrast between the mostly black phone and text draws the eye to that.


Proximity: The use of white space in this ad is vital. Centering the text and the phone makes them the clear focus and you know that that is the clear focus. The text is also very close to the phone and it is very clear that they are in reference to one anther.  


Alignment: The phone and the text are both center aligned with white space on either side. This helps the eye stay drawn to the images and helps it naturally shift from the text describing it to the image of the phone without any other distractions. This also helps the eye to be able to not be distracted with things outside the image with the use of white space.


Contrast: The contrast between the simplicity of the text and the detail of the image on the phone helps the viewer to not be distracted by what they are saying about the product and rather focus on the product itself. It also helps the viewer to be able to see that the focus is the product and that it speaks for itself.


Repetition: I think the repetition of whitespace gives this ad the biggest impact. With limited text and only one image the white space seems to scream the loudest to me. It shows the simplicity and luxury of the product being advertised.



This ad, though appearing simple, contains many advanced aspects of design. With the use of whitespace and simple text and images the viewer knows exactly what they are looking at and the point of the ad gets across very quickly.