Photography Reverse Engineer

Good photography is about more than just taking a picture. It involves elements that add visual interest for the eye. These elements can include a depth of field, rule of thirds, and leading lines. Here are a few examples:


Rule of Thirds:

ruleofthirdsexample by Myles Tan


This is an example of the rule of thirds because you have the girl in the field in the foreground then the trees along the shore in the mid-ground, then the ocean and the mountains in the background.

Here is my attempt to recreate the rule of thirds:


Photo by me


In this picture, in the foreground there is the man, the tree, and the bush. In the mid-ground there is the town and in the background there are the mountains and the clouds.

Leading lines:


Photo by: Robert Andall


In this photo you can see that the lines of the buildings give the photo depth. It makes the street seem like its endless and continues into the background indefinitely.

Here is my attempt to recreate this style:


Photo by me.


In this photo the lines of the field help the buildings in the background appear farther away and like the field goes on indefinitely.

Depth of Field:



Photo by: Lucas Becker


In this photo you can see that the angle of the photo helps you to see the distance of the field of vision. The front of the bridge is in focus while the distant hill is not as much which helps it to see farther away.

Here is my attempt to duplicate the depth of field:


Photo by me.


In this photo you can see that the mountains and the clouds in the distance make the picture seem like it goes on indefinitely but you can see as far as humanly possible.

In conclusion photography, and especially good photography, require more than just snapping a picture. Taking into account these elements makes pictures deeper and more visually dynamic.

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