Class Summaries: Winter 2018


For this class we are required to do a faculty mentor visit, a writing workshop or academic discovery workshop and also finish our Grad Plan. We can either come at 7 am or 5 pm, as long as you come to one it doesn’t matter.


Everyone comes to communication for a different reason. We want jobs and employment. Employers want experience over education. That is why we have practicums and internships. To have a career in communications you need to know how to write. It is the most important skill. 397 R section 3 is Soapbox and PR. The scroll is about telling stories and their goal is to inform, inspire, and entertain. Soapbox is the student run advertising agency. They do a lot if video editing and they mix with the business department.


To access the Grad Plan you can just search it. It tells you your opportunity cost, how much you will spend in a year and what classes you need to take. You can also create an alternative Grad Plan. To finish your grad plan you need to click validate at the bottom of the page. If there is a problem you can send a message to an academic advisor or you can make an appointment with them in the Academic Advising office. A screenshot of your approved plan needs to be emailed to Sister Scholes by Thursday March 8th.


Writing seminars are required for the class. You have to be an intelligent news consumer. The news isn’t consumed as heavily in this part of the country. As a student you get free online access to wall street journal. If you want to be informed about the profession you are going into then you need to read the news. Be serious about blogging and online portfolio. You should try to create content that shows who you are. Freedom of press ensures we can get accurate information. Without freedom of the press we don’t have accurate information. Without the first amendment we wouldn’t have the restoration. Social media feed only tells half the story of what is actually going on. Journalism is in a golden age because people are getting more creative with news. There are new ways of telling stories that only the internet can do. Go to the writing seminars.


Posting a video increases the interaction with post  on social media by 94%. It takes many types of people to make videos happen. Mostly in cable and radio you can find opportunities. News and reporters make about 52-35 thousand. They can work in broadcast stations, making commercial, independent, PR firms, etc. To make major motion pictures take 100s of people to make. To make shorter videos is only about 3-4 people. Independent production means you do just about everything. 


We are here because we want to create. Elder Uchtdorf video about creating. Advertising helps you be creative. Entertainment helps it to be memorable. Most money spent in advertising is still in commercial TV. Advertising includes print ads, brochures, direct mail, websites, outdoors, internet, social media. Advertising is the structured and composed non personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products, by identified sponsors through various media. Companies must use mass media. 85% of money is spent in media.


Visual communication is necessary. Every emphasis needs visual communication. 130 is the most basic design class that everyone is required to take. Visual society is for everyone who is interested in doing visual work. Side hustle facebook page for any side design projects you want critiqued. 


Advocacy works well with other emphasis- especially visual. Involve a lot of partners which means a lot of networking. Advocacy answers a lot of what if questions. Community organizations are a huge involvement.  Voice really focuses on social issues. Takes a lot of listening and respectful communication. It teaches you marketable skills. is a great place to find jobs. Involves legislative influencing/lobbyist kind of things. Voice does a lot of really cool opportunities. 


Next week is the senior showcase, no class. Find Sister Scholes to get the checklist. Brother Cannon: PR is the broadest of the emphasis. PR is in all places you can imagine. There is little to no gender disparity. Everyone has a different reason for selecting public relations. You can do PR for anything you’re interested in. Public Relations Student Society of America meets Wednesdays Kirkham 201 from 5-6. Public relations is an ever changing field. Publics in public relations can be segmented into different audiences. PR is sending messages the public wants to hear.

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