Wedding Planning: Bridal Showers

So I know that technically this isn’t a thing that I plan but I am still involved so I figured I should write about it.

Just yesterday my aunt and my grandma threw me the best bridal sower. The theme was garden party and everything was so cute and perfect. I wish I would have taken pictures to show you guys but I was way too busy enjoying everything.

I had been traveling since Wednesday so I wasn’t really sure that I was in the mood for FFA (forced family activities) but everything turned out great. The morning of my bridal shower I had been camping with my parents and drove three hours to get to the party. When I walked in there was food and flowers everywhere and I still had to go get dressed and do my makeup so I didn’t even have time to process what was going on.

One thing about bridal showers that I learned is that since most everything is out of my hands that means that I shouldn’t stress. I was really nervous that Chris’ mom and Grandma wouldn’t get a long with my family very much. I definitely should have calmed down about this one because it looked like everyone got along great. I know that this may not be the experience of everyone when the two families meet but it is definitely a huge blessing to me that everyone gets a long really well. (Maybe they all secretly hate each other and were just putting on a show for me but I’d like to go with my first assumption.)

I also learned that my family. as well as Chris’ is so amazing and so thoughtful with gifts. I know that most of them traveled several hours there and back to be there to support me, which meant the world to me, and they gave me the most thoughtful gifts. I would list them all but that would take too long but just know that everything is amazing and I  love it and I have enough towels that there will never be anything wet in my apartment.

I realize that not everyone has the same experience with their bridal shower but I cannot even express how thankful I am for all the work and time that was put into mine. Everything from the food to the games to the decorations and the gifts was amazing.

Let me know what your best (or worst) bridal shower experiences are and how you deal with them!

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