How Skincare and Makeup Help me Manage my Anxiety

Oh man this could come to be a really long post if I let it but mostly I just want to be able to share my experiences and maybe help someone out there that struggles the same way I do. I have talked about my anxiety a little bit on my blog before (you can read those posts here). Now I want to really draw the connection that it has to why I love makeup and skincare a lot. 

For me, makeup definitely started as a way to hide and fix what I didn’t like about my face. Now, its something totally different to me. However, having this beginning did help me to be really good at paying attention to the details of my makeup and skincare. 

When my anxiety really started to flare up again a few months ago, I would dread going to bed because that was when it would be the worst. To help myself recenter and focus my thoughts somewhere and I refined my skincare routine. Focusing on making sure it was helping my skin to feel and look its best was helpful for me. 

I read labels of every face wash, toner, moisturizer, mask and everything else that touched my skin. I tried to see what ingredients I thought were helping the most. I tried different combinations to see what they did to my skin until I found the ones that worked best. 

Reading other bloggers who were trying to do the same thing I was helped me a lot.  I loved that there were people that also suffered from anxiety and also had a passion for makeup and skincare. They were really inspirations to me. 

I did the same with makeup as well. Seeing as I didn’t sleep well, I would often wake up hours before I needed to. I had time to do my makeup very carefully and see what worked best for my skin, brows, lashes and eyes. There was time to try new products and make sure that every brow hair was perfectly plucked.

I had been really afraid of eye shadow and lipstick but I had the time to try them out and it helped me to calm down. 

I did get a little worried that I was becoming obsessed with skincare and makeup. But, I usually only did a lot of research and spent a lot of time paying attention to detail when I felt like I was getting close to an anxiety attack. I can’t say that it worked all the time but I definitely found even more love for beauty and skincare. 

I think most of the reason that I really liked skincare and makeup was that it was something that I already liked and I could focus on it and distract myself. 

Overall I really liked that skincare and makeup was something that I could focus on and that made me feel really good about myself. 

Let me know what made you guys really fall in love with makeup/skincare and how it’s helped you out. 

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