Meet Me

I figured with a new website and a new last name I should re-introduce myself. 

My name is Kate Simmons and I love beauty. 

How I started

I was definitely that girl in the 6th grade that wore pink glitter eye shadow and clear mascara. I think that I have come a long way since then. I started to get more into makeup when I started reading Seventeen and when I saw my older sister dong her makeup. I would beg her to do my makeup and make me look like her constantly. 

The first high end makeup product I bought myself was a Too Faced setting powder. It smelled like chocolate and made me feel like a grown up. 

More than anything I wanted to look like the popular girls at school who wore makeup and were cheerleaders and had boyfriends. I kept experimenting with makeup and beauty and skincare and I still do to this day. 

In college I started to have skin problems. My skin was really bad for about a year before I finally went to a doctor and did something about it. I am very blessed to be on my parents insurance plan which covered the medications that I was put on because I would have not been able to afford them otherwise. In total it would have been about 600$ for three medications. Within about a month I saw huge progress. I struggled with dry, peeling, and burning skin for three weeks and then I finally started to see the acne go away. Now, I still have visible scars and discoloration but, a year ago I would have never thought that my skin could look like this. 

Where I’m at now

Now I have a wonderful husband, a cute little apartment in a cute little town, and a blog where I can write about my passion. 

As far as makeup I definitely spend way more than I probably should but I absolutely love what I do. Every-time I go out with a full face of makeup and someone tells me how good it looks it encourages me to keep getting better. I have found great brands that I love and I have found the look that really suits me. 

Outside of the beauty aspect of my life I’m relatively average. I work a part time retail job that I actually kind of love. I really like the people that I work with and where I live the people don’t seem to be too crazy. Standing on my feet for 8 hours a day isn’t my favorite but it definitely could be worse. 

I am also getting ready to graduate with my associates in general studies and move onto getting my bachelors in Communication. I started out working on my bachelors at BYUI and about half way through I met Chris. For us to be married and live in the same city that meant that I had to move to a different city. Now, I am finishing my associates online before moving onto the bachelors program at the state college here. 

I absolutely love the field of communication and the more that I work in it and learn about it, the more I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing. It involves a lot of writing (which I obviously love or I would not voluntarily write a blog) and getting to know people. 

I also struggle with anxiety. Over the past year my anxiety has skyrocketed from what it was previously. I am still learning to handle it and working out medications and whatnot but I feel like maybe I’m getting a grip on it. I have written a little more in depth about my anxiety before so I don’t want to delve in too deep here. You can read all about it here

Another fun thing about me is that I am Mormon. This is a huge part of my life and I love sharing it with people. However, I don’t want my religion to overtake what the point of this site is. You guys are always welcome to message me on my social media channels if you want to ask me more personal questions. 

I hope this helps you guys to get to know me better and why I do what I do! 

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