Getting Free Stuff From Influenster

As someone who loves beauty but is also trying to keep a budget I absolutely love Influenster. 

If you haven’t heard of Influenster I highly recommend that you look into it. Essentially you write reviews for products that you write and after a little while you get the chance for them to send you free full size products to review. 

I have been using Influenster for a while and I just got my first box and I am so excited! 

The thing that I really love about Influenster is that it really encourages me to try new products so that I can write about it. I also know that it gives me the chance to get new free things. You can also use Influenster to find products and see how they are rated. This has saved me so many times when I am looking at new products to buy. Sometimes I’ll look something up and see the reviews and it’ll make m either put it back on the shelf or it’ll convince me to spend the money on it. 

What I got

I just received the Study Break VoxBox and it has some pretty cool stuff. 

It has the Hello Activated Charcoal with Fresh Mint and Coconut Oil toothpaste. I have always really wanted to try a more natural charcoal toothpaste so I am really happy about this one. Funny story: last week I finally got the courage to buy some and I bought this exact one. Now I have two! 

The next thing that I got was the Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Infused with Honey and Apricot Fragrance. Hair Food is a brand that I have seen around but I have never really reached for it before. I have been looking more at the reviews for it and I am seeing some really positive stuff so I am excited to try it. 

It is also getting colder and windy here in Idaho so I am looking for something that is going to keep my hair soft and moisturized. 

The next product that I got is the 7th Heaven Dead Sea + Clay Peel Off Mask. I am actually really hesitant with this one. The last mask that I tried made my face burn so badly so I haven’t done another face mask since. I am still going to try it but I am concerned that it is going to make my face burn. 

The last product that I have is the Trident Vibes Gum. I already took this one out of the package but I want to wait until my review post to tell you guys about it! I also received a stick on phone case and a coupon for a free package of gum so that is pretty awesome. 

What’s Next

Keep an eye out for my next post later this week talking about what I thought about all the products and more about Influenster! I’ll be posting pics and reviews about each product as well as links to places to get them and how to get free stuff from Influenster.

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