Influenter Reviews: Study Break VoxBox!

So in my last post I talked about some awesome stuff I got to try out from Influenster. I got some awesome toothpaste, some shampoo and conditioner, a face mask and new trident gum. 

So I will just get right into the reviews!

Hello Activated Charcoal with Fresh Mint and Coconut Oil Toothpaste

So funny story: I actually bought this toothpaste just a few days before I got this box so I was really excited about it. I mentioned in my last post that I had wanted to try a more natural toothpaste and this was a great start. It makes my teeth feel so clean. It is also a black toothpaste and mostly it is fun to use. When I brush my teeth at night its funny to look in the mirror and see black teeth. It has a really great natural mint taste which I think is great. 

The thing that I really want to focus on is how it makes my teeth feel so clean. I was a bit afraid that the charcoal would make my teeth feel weird but I really feel like it makes them so fresh and gets everything off of them.

Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Infused with Honey and Apricot Fragrance

So the first thing that I will note is that this stuff smells amazing. I have never smelled any shampoo or conditioner that smelled good like this one does. It smells fresh and fruity and clean and sweet at the same time. Honestly that doesn’t quite describe the scent so you should just go out to your local hair product dealer and smell it yourself. 

However, I can’t say that I was crazy pleased with it. My hair felt clean but the ends felt ver dry and damaged the next day. This was particularly frustrating to me because I have just cut my hair so it shouldn’t be to that point of damage yet and I also pay special attention to conditioning the ends fo my hair. Overall, it was nice to try but I don’t see myself purchasing it in the future. 

7th Heaven Dead Sea + Clay Peel Off Mask

So I have mixed feelings about this mask. The first night I tried it I actually really liked it. (There was way too much product for just one use so I had to split it into two nights.) I put it on and it was a lot more thick and sticky than I thought it would be. However, once I let it dry for a bit it turned more solid and all peeled off in one fluid piece. Honestly, that was pretty fun and one of my favorite parts. My skin felt good and I genuinely enjoyed it. 

The second night that I used it was a little less positive. I was hesitant to try it because my skin is really dry and sensitive. As soon as I put it on my skin started to burn a little. I kind of pushed through because whenever I put something moisturizing on my skin it starts to burn so I thought that it would go away. The burning continued around my eyes and mouth until the mask was totally dry. I didn’t notice any serious irritation after I took the mask off but I can’t say it was a pleasant experience. 

Trident Vibes Gum and Phone Pocket

The gum was actually super good. Chris and I split it and we both agreed that it had really good flavor that lasted a long time. I can’t wait to use my free coupon to get a full package of it. the phone pocket is really fun. My only issue is that I have a denim case so it only stuck for a few days. 

Overall I would rate this Vox Box a 3/5 stars. Some stuff was awesome and some was nice to try but I wasn’t in love with. 

More about Influenster

So I am not an Influenster expert so I would mostly recommend that you go check out their website and decide to join if it seems like your thing. I know that I love love love finding reviews for products that I want to try. I cna just pull up the app, and find the product that I’m looking for and look at lots of reviews for it. You can find it at

I received all of these products for free as a trial from Influenster. 

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