What It’s Like to Have Dry Skin In Winter… In Idaho

I can’t speak for the experience of every dry skinned person in every dry region but I feel like there are probably definitely some people who share my struggles. In my last post I talked about some things that I do to help with winter skincare but in this post I also want to recognize the things that happen that suck. So, here is a list of the things I experience as a person with dry skin in a dry region during winter. 

1. A lot of redness, irritation, and pain

For me, whenever I use a moisturizer or lip balm it BURNS. No matter what I do things burn a lot. It makes my skin red and irritated and look like I just tried a failed face mask. When its windy it makes my skin chapped and basically everything hurts. 

2. I have extra lip balm and lotion EVERYWHERE

I am pretty sure that during the cold winter months I could single handedly keep the lip balm and hand lotion industry in business. I have some in my car, my purse, the pocket of every pair of jeans I own, my makeup bag, on the coffee table, and also literally in my hand right now. When it gets cold my hands and my lips crack and bleed. I also have to recognize that I use a lot of hand sanitizer as well. I work in retail and I am constantly handling money and people basically sneezing on things before they hand them to me so I use it a lot which means I also use a lot of hand lotion. 

3. I get to try lots of new products

Since I go through moisturizer, hand lotion, and lip balm pretty quickly I also get to try more of them. I don’t like repurchasing a lot of products so I really like to try different products for my hands and skin. Right now I am using some Zoella products that I am loving but by next week I could be trying something totally new. (This isn’t necessarily something that sucks it kinds just happens.) 

4. Snow makes my skin even worse

Usually you would think that with snow comes the extra humidity and I get a little break with the dryness. I honestly wish that were the case. The snow makes it super weird and for my skin its not snow its more like sNOw. I know that this isn’t super helpful but for me I know that my kin gets more irritated and more red. 

5. Indoor heating is my enemy

Going from the cold outdoors to a warm heated building makes my skin more, you guessed it, dry. It makes it really tight and irritated. For example at work when I go inside the skin around my mouth and eyes gets really tight and even starts peeling and flaking. Not like right away but throughout the course of my shift it gets this way and by the time I take my lunch break it really effects my skin when I go back outside. 

6. Wearing makeup is really hard

Any moisture that is in my primer/foundation gets sucked up by my skin within a few hours of application. My skin around my mouth and eyes are yet again my biggest problem area. They start to peel and flake under my makeup and then I end up with red patchy spots. My makeup also oxidizes very quickly. My lip color also really struggles because my lips are cracked and peeling as well. 

Yes I realize that this post sounds a bit complain-y but I just want everyone else who struggles with dry skin to know that you are not alone. The little things that frustrate you frustrate at least one other person! 

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