Another Skincare Secret and a Personal Life Update

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Personal Update

So my anxiety has been in a super weird place lately so I have been trying to focus on my mental health so my beauty website has had to simmer on the back burner lately. After a near-hospital experience, several panic attacks, and a lot of anxious pacing I feel like things are starting to balance out again. It took a lot of natural oils and encouragement from my parents and Chris to get me to this point because I could not have done this without them. 

My anxiety isn’t something that I talk about a lot publicly. There are few people that I talk about it with so I like having an outlet that I can talk about it. Now, onto my skincare post! 

My Little Skincare Secret

So I only call this a secret because it is something that I didn’t know about until I was probably 19.


This is probably is no surprise to a lot of people but to me I only washed my brushes and sponges when I felt like they were dirty. It wasn’t about my skin so it was hurting my skin. 

How often should you wash them?

So I read somewhere that brushes used for powder should be washed every 3-4 uses and brushes used for liquids should be washed every other use. I have no idea where this came from but it is about how often I wash mine.

How do I wash my brushes?

I use a Johnson & Johnson baby wash to wash my brushes. I have found that it is really easy on my skin and it smells so good. I also use a brush washing mat that I got on Amazon. I wash them and towel dry them and let them finish air drying over night. Usually by the next morning everything is dry and ready to use. 

If you aren’t in a place to spend money on a brush washing mat and brush wash then there are options! For the longest time I washed them with just my hands and unscented hand soap. This worked for me and I really only tried other things out of curiosity. I have yet to try bruh cleaner so stay tuned for that one. 

Why should I wash my brushes?

So this one is really the big question. The biggest reason is that makeup brushes can build up bacteria that can cause acne and infections. Between the moisturizer and the primer and foundation there is a lot of places for something to worm its way in and cause problems with your skin. 

When I was still suffering from bad acne I was using so many products to try to cover it up. The more that I kept my brushes clean the more that I noticed less surface level acne coming up. 

Let me know what you guys think and what your brush cleaning routine is like! 

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