Major Skin Don’ts and what to do instead

Doing the things you know you should when it comes to skincare is great but if you are still doing things that you shouldn’t its kind of like taking one step forward and two steps back. 

I have tried so many skincare remedies and methods but when it comes down to it some advise is downright awful.

Don’t use an apricot scrub

So I am definitely someone that is guilty of using this. However, apricot scrubs generally are made from apricot shells which leave tiny micro cuts on your skin which can end up leaving you with more acne. I am not an expert on the exact science of this so ask your local dermatologist or skincare expert if you are curious about how exactly this works. 

Do still exfoliate

Sometimes you will still end up with dry skin and exfoliating can still have some good benefits for your skin. I recommend finding a more skin friendly sugar scrub or exfoliant with those little beads in it. My favorite is the Vitamin E Facial was from Soap and Glory. The beads are perfectly round so there is no skin damage!

Don’t skip moisturizing (even if you have oily skin)

If you skip moisturizing then your skin will only want to produce even more oil to compensate for being dry. I used to only use toner when my skin was really oily but that only made it worse. If you have oily skin and you want to lesson it skipping moisturizing is not your friend. 

Do try a water based moisturizer instead

Your skin produces oil to try to make sure it has all of the nutrients that it needs. Sometimes if you have oily skin and you use an oil based moisturizer then it will just sit on top of your skin instead of soaking in. Try using a water based moisturizer. They will have less oils in them and can help your skin to get the nutrients that its looking for. I personally don’t use a water based moisturizer so I don’t have a good recommendation but most brands such as Neutrogena, IT Cosmetics, Clinique, and Glossier make water based moisturizers that have some great reviews. 

Don’t over wash

It can be really tempting to wash your face way more often than you need to. However, as someone that has definitely been there I highly recommend that you don’t. When my skin was really bad I would wash it a ton because I thought that it would help but it was actually contributing to my acne. 

Do wash morning and night with a good face wash

So when I say good face wash I just mean one that is right for your skin type. Sometimes store brands work perfectly well as long as it has what your skin needs. I used Noxzema for a long time and it worked really great for me but when my skin became dry it was not what my skin needed so now I use something totally different. 

Don’t wear your makeup to bed

I don’t care if you are so tired that you can’t hold your eyes open or you have come home drunk and are on the verge of passing out. DON’T DO IT. There are so many gross gross things that can happen with bacteria when you don’t take your makeup off before bed. I am, once again guilty of this and I will testify that taking your makeup off makes a difference

Do take your makeup off even if it is the only thing you do

If taking your makeup off is the only skincare thing you do before bed it is so much better than leaving it on. The majority of the time you should still be doing a good skincare routine that works for your skin but if there happens to be one night where you just can’t do it at least take off your makeup. 

There are definitely a lot more things that I could cover but I feel like these are some of the big ones and maybe in the future I will post a few more of my tips. 

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