Beauty Things I’m Still Not Good At

I have been doing my makeup since I was in like the fourth or fifth grade and I have had skin issues in all different climates, I have had really long hair and chopped it off more than once. Somehow there are still things that I really suck at. 

I don’t know that there is anyone out there who really have the whole beauty thing figured out. (If you are one of those people please message me, I have questions.) As much it may feel like I have things figured out or even look like I know exactly what I am doing I still feel like a novice. 

Wearing glasses with foundation

The first thing that I feel like I am still really bad at is wearing glasses with a full face of makeup. I wear glasses most of the time but sometimes I dont them. I also wear sunglasses pretty much every time I am in the car so I always end up with two bear spots at either side of my nose. I have tried carrying a beauty blender with me but I feel like there is a better method that I just don’t know about.


Most mornings I can manage what would appear to be a pretty precise flick but it is with the help of patience developed over the years and a lot of q-tips. Someone told me once that liquid eyeliner can smell fear and I am here to tell you that it is 100% true. 

Getting a good hair washing schedule

I know that it is definitly not just me but just once I would like my hairwashing schedule to line up with when I have things to do. I also seem to either not wait long enough or wait too long and I really wish my hair could just tell me when it was going to get unbearably oily the morning of something I need to do. 

Taking care of my nails

So I have always had pretty weak nails that break really easily. It also seems that I have a habit of chipping off nail polish as soon as its dry enough to do so. Basically my nails suck at being nails and I really don’t know how to fix it. 

Being adventurous with makeup

Pretty much any time I go to watch a beauty guru makeup tutorial I get super self conscious. I always feel like my eyelids are the wrong shape for a lot of shadow and my face can’t handle too much contour and a million other things. I also hold to my current makeup routine pretty tightly so when it comes to changing up the way I do anything I basically avoid it like the plague. 

Doing a messy bun

Please someone teach me your ways. My buns always turn out too clean or too floppy. There is no in between. If you have ever seen me in public with an acceptable looking messy bun please know that it probably took texturizing spray, 50 bobby pins, and lots of hairspray to get it that way. 

Although I write a beauty blog and I have a lot of beauty knowledge there are still things that I really can’t do. This list has changed over the years but some things I think will always be the same. 

Let me know what beauty things you guys think you’re still bad at so that I don’t feel like I am totally incapable as a human. 

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