How I Chopped My Hair Off With No Regrets

I have always had long hair. I have always felt prettier with it and I like the options I have with long hair.

However, if you have ever had hair past your shoulder blades you know that its a struggle. Curling my hair takes approximately 4 years and the arm strength of a body builder. Washing it takes another 4 years and drying might happen in the next decade. Long hair is also EXPENSIVE. With shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, hair cuts, etc. On top of having it dyed it was a serious hassle in my life.

I mean, do you even have long hair if you don’t consider shaving your head at least once a day?

So the other night I handed my husband a pair of scissors and told him I wanted a shorter. Thank God I have a talented husband and it turned out amazing. Otherwise this may be a totally different post.

It has been a few days and I am still loving it. How is that so? How did I chop off 6 – 7 inches of hair with no regrets?

Maybe i just felt like I needed to truly start a new chapter in my life with a totally new look. It’s already blonde so why not blondeĀ andĀ short? Right?

I have just had enough of long hair. Short hair means that I can do so much more with it. Buns are easier to throw up. Curling takes half the time. Washing my hair is so fast. But mostly, having shorter hair makes me feel like I look more grown up.

I feel like the concept of looking more grown up is usually reserved for 8 year olds in their moms heals but for me I felt like when I looked back at my senior photos I still looked the same and I am definitely not the same person so why look it?

I have always felt like long hair was beautiful but my face shape goes really well with short hair. I have come to accept that and now that I am working on graduating, I work a grown-up job, and am buying a house I felt like I needed something new and different. So, the only solution in my head was chopping my hair off.

Long hair is such a security blanket but short hair is such a freedom. I feel more confident and I feel more free. My hair feels so much softer and I feel like there is so much I can do with it.

Honestly, when people go to the salon they have planned it out more. They have had to think about it. Cutting it off on a whim is significantly more effective. There is no over thinking and no time to regret or look in the mirror. It’s almost stress receiving.

It has been a couple weeks and I am really growing into the look. The question you might be asking is but where are the regrets Kate? Every person regrets cutting their hair eventually. Its almost a cardinal rule of cutting hair.

I will admit that when I see girls with beautiful long hair and a fresh blow out ask my past self why I even looked at a pair of scissors but it passes. Curling my hair is now a daily task and I always love the way that it looks.

So do I really have the super secret formula to cutting hair with no regrets? Maybe its the right mix of impulsive and growing up and not caring what other people think? Maybe it is something along the lines of changing things in your life all at the same time so that you are too busy being stressed with other things to be stressed with your hair? I’m not sure.

If you guys have any stories of sever regrets or a lack thereof let me know!


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