How to Find the Perfect Foundation

Foundation is called foundation for a reason. If your foundation isn’t right then your whole look can fall apart. The only thing that people can look at is the line where your foundation meets bare skin or the area around your nose where it has oxidized.

Finding the right foundation is also not just about the right foundation. It is also about a few other things but well get there.

The Right Foundation for YOU

  1. Finding the foundation for your skin type seems daunting. I recommend going to your local friendly Ulta or Sephora and asking for samples of what they recommend. Not just for them to put on your skin but also a small sample for you to take home and try on your own as well. If you lean more towards the drugstore brands then a great place to start is with the Maybelline Fit me foundation. It is one of the highest ranked drugstore foundations and as someone who has also used it before I agree its a great place to start.
  2. Color is probably the hardest thing to to get right in a foundation, at least for me it is. If there is one thing that I can have you take away from this post it is make your foundation match the overall tone of your body, not just your neck. Matching just the neck leaves a lot of room for error in color but the overall tone of your body will make your look seem more cohesive. The undertone of your skin tends to be more yellow or more pink but there are a lot of undertone colors. Finding your undertone is part of matching the foundation to the overall color of your body.
  3. Give your foundation a base. Applying foundation to bare skin is risky because not all of your skin is the exact same texture or type. Priming your skin helps it to even out and for the foundation to apply evenly to everything. My go to primer is the Porefessional primer by Benefit. I have also really liked the Mac Fix + as a primer as well. However, primer can come in many different forms. Some people have found a great moisturizer that doubles as a primer for them and some people use a much more oily primer to help their makeup. I recommend starting with something neutral and working form there. Only you can decide what you like in your foundation.

Finding a good foundation can be rough. I know that I definitely wore the wrong color for years. Let me know if you guys have any tips on finding the foundation combination that is best for you.


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