Guess What I Started a YouTube Channel

If you have stuck around for the dry spell of blogging for the last couple months consider this your oasis!

I love blogging, it has a special place in my heart. I also love makeup and as much as I love both of these things makeup and beauty are visual for most people. Trying to write or create a pictorial is a little difficult.

To help me reach as many people as possible I decided to hop on the beauty YouTuber train and start my own channel. I’ll still be posting here and probably mostly posting about what I post about on YouTube.

Without further ado here is the link to my newest video:

So you might be asking why I would start a YouTube Channel in the first place? Well The answer is pretty simple actually. It is really hard to try to write about how to do makeup. I can tell you how to blend an where to put what products but really seeing them is the easiest way to really be able to tell how something will work for you.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that makeup really helps my mental health. Being able to make videos helps me to feel less stuck behind a screen and more able to connect with people.

So enough about me I want to get into actually talking about my latest video.

At the time this goes up (or at least shortly after) the most recent video on my channel will deal with some new Tarte products. While I was filing that video I did some great first impressions but now fast forward to current Kate. Now I can tell you how they wear all day and really a full review.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Pallet: This one for me is an easy win. Repurchase, recommend, however you want to put it. I love it. Before I tried this pallet I never really understood what people meant when they said the formula of an eyeshadow pallet was creamy but now I get it.

This pallet blended like a perfect daydream; the kind you go back to sleep to try and finish. However, I will say this, if you do not like shimmer shades this pallet is not for you. It has a lot of shimmer shades which for me makes it a fantastic pallet. These shades have it all, they are pigmented, they blend well, they are neutral ( I am definitely a neutral pallet fan) and the color story is great.

Until I started watching RawBeautyKristie (Highly commend her channel if you don’t mind a little swearing) I didn’t understand the idea of a pallet so let me try to explain it a bit. Basically its the way colors are arranged in a pallet to best help you to create a look. This pallet has a great color story to the types of look I like to create.

Tarte Sex Kitten Pallet: So when I first ordered this pallet it was part of a set called the everyday glam look (or at least something along those lines) and it looked right up my neutral loving ally. The name was a touch of a shock but I have also been using the Better Then Sex Mascara for years so I really wasn’t clutching my pearls too hard.

These colors are beautiful. They have the same amazing blend ability and color story hat make me reach for this pallet over and over. There is one complaint that is really just a picky pet peeve of mine. There is one color that has a larger pot than the others and I cant stand this. The color itself is beautiful and I use it again and again. For some reason my brain only registers all the colors that are the same size. I don’t know why that is but if I’m not really looking at this pallet I don’t even register that pallet.

Estee Lauder Stay in Place Makeup: Okay I am going to start this one out really honest: this is an expensive foundation. However, with my dry, irritated, and also sometimes oily skin, this is seriously fantastic and it is the kind of foundation that makes me not ever want to try another one. I don’t even feel like I have to set this foundation. It applies BEAUTIFULLY and it is so comfortable and lightweight. I usually have a problem with the way that foundation sits on my nose and upper lip but this one really stays in place all day. I really don’t have any complaints about it.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea So Fine Liner: My feelings about this liner are really mixed. On one hand it really glides on and it is a definite black color. However the applicator is tiny. I feel like I cant do my liner in one fail swoop like I usually do. But it also helps me to get a really good wing. I really cant decide how I feel about this liner but so farI haven’t reached for it since I made this video so maybe I have more issues with it than I think I do.

So those are the most important things that I tried in this video that I wanted to talk about so let me know what you guys think and if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them.


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