Fall Makeup and Trying New Makeup

Hallelujah it is finally turning into fall. Pumpkin spice is back on the shelves and I can go full on pumpkin patch loving white girl.

Other than just loving a good PSL and cooling it at the gym, fall also means that I get to do my favorite fall makeup looks. If you are someone who happens to know me in real life, I wear a gold eye and plum lip pretty much through Thanksgiving. It is my favorite look and when I’m not dealing with a migraine is super easy to do.

Here is the YouTube video I did about this topic: https://youtu.be/sSz7bdhaQq4

If you want to hear a personal life update you can read all the way to the end but for this part were just going to focus on makeup.

For the look I created in my video I used a new foundation that I have seen over and over again and I finally decided to give it a try. It is the Juvias Place I Am Magic foundation. If I only had one word to describe this foundation it would be WOW. Just wow. It is pigmented, it is full coverage, it is matte and the range of colors is phenomenal. It is a 1 oz bottle and its $20 at Ulta.

One thing I feel like I really need to acknowledge is the price. If you are someone who is more of a drugstore price range and you want to invest in a good foundation this is a great price. If you are a luxury brand lover then you will be presently surprised by this price point. I have literally 0 negative things to say about it, this is amazing.

Another thing I tried just for this video is the James Charles X Morphe pallet. I am well aware that there has been and always will be drama surrounding James Charles. However, to a regular consumer does that effect how the pallet performs: no. I will say that this pallet definitely meets my expectations. It is pigmented and blends really beautifully. There is a really wide range of colors and they don’t really have much fallout. The color story isn’t great but I feel like the setup makes sense so that makes up for it.

Okay so now for my personal life update: honestly I am kind of struggling right now. I am currently struggling it’s daily migraines and its going on three months working on getting my kitchen redone. We have cabinets sitting in the garage that we will be putting in this weekend and then the last things we have to do are the backsplash and the countertops. At the moment my kitchen is a microwave and a toaster oven on the ground.

As far as me personally, I have always struggled with migraines but lately has been a whole new thing. My eyes feel like they want to explode and I cant really look at light. Really the worst part is that my job requires me staring at a screen all day. If you read any of my early blog posts you know that I struggle with some pretty bad anxiety. Since then I have learned some really great coping mechanisms. (If you want to hear about them let me know!) I don’t have panic attack’s three times a week like I used to but sometimes I still wake up shaking. I’ll get over it eventually but I am getting better!

Let me know what your favorite fall looks are and what your favorite part of fall is. Also don’t forget to head over to my YouTube Channel to check out my video for my look and give it a big ‘ol thumbs up and subscribe to my channel! I love to hear your feedback; the good, the bad and the ugly so tell me what you think!



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