Working From Home Skin Care

I am sure by this time there have been approximately 1000 articles about things to do while you are working from home or staying home for the purpose of social distancing. If you are like me then you are looking for ways to keep busy. Maybe you have resorted to puppy yoga. Maybe you have taken up piano or painting. Maybe you aren’t like me at all and you just want to use this time to relax and recharge. Perhaps, like me, you want to take this time to really hone in on your physical health. For me physical health includes how I eat, working out, and taking care of my skin.

My skin and the state of my skin have been a sore spot, quite literally, for years. There were brief times while on prescriptions that my skin looked like I could live out the insta-model fantasy. Even with everyone and their mother giving me their advice and telling me to “just wash my face more” I still struggle with acne.


To wear makeup at home or not, that is the question right? I am not a naturally productive person, I am a naturally lay-in-bed-until-noon kind of person. Due to this, I have to trick myself into being productive. I do this by putting makeup on in the morning. Its a part of my normal going-to-work routine that makes my brain think we are going to get things done.

However, in taking care of my skin I tread a little more lightly with my makeup. I have recently become a bigger fan of tinted moisturizer and a soft glam look for the eyes. While I am at home I usually forego any concealer or shadow. Its enough to not clog my pores but enough to make the delivery person think I didn’t just roll out of bed.

What about skincare?

Since my schedule is a little more flexible at the moment, I can take my time in the morning to do a face mask, some eye masks (these are my favorite right now), or a scrub like this one.

Essentially with this, I want to be able to go back to work in the office the best version of myself.

What I have been using

This also means that I have had more time to try out some products that work for my cystic acne and even help to reduce some of the scarring and discoloration.

Pixi Glow Mud Cleanser

I will preach this cleanser to anyone who will listen. It doesn’t create suds so it doesn’t make my skin feel so dry and tight. It just leaves it really clean. One ingredient that I have noticed my skin likes is the Glycolic Acid. My skin responds really well to products that contain it and reduces my breakouts a lot. At $18 for 4.5 oz it is at on okay price point. Its definitely above a drugstore price but for how well this works for my skin, I think its worth it.

Kate Sommerville Gentle Daily Wash

Before I get into this particular cleanser, I have to point out that I found this at TJ MAXX for the several bottles I got so I found it for $14.99 each time. It is listed at $36 if you order it from her site directly so it definitely has a much higher price point. However, it works. It has lots of essential oils in it and Glycol which my skin really loves. It does create suds so it gives a bit more dry feeling but it helped to reduce some of my discoloration.

Bliss Bright Idea Vitamin C Moisturizer

This product was sent to me in an Influenster Box and my skin has responded really well to it. This product is what actually helped me realize that my skin responds really well to Vitamin C. I can easily wear makeup over this and it wears really lightweight. At $24 for 1.7 oz, I would have originally thought it was too high. However, it has lasted me a really long time because I don’t have to use much. The only thing to be weary of is that the packaging makes it look like there is more product than there actually is.

Art Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask

If you have read my blog before, you know I love art naturals. I use their serums that you can get at Walmart and I absolutely love them. When I saw them at Ulta I knew I had to try something. I picked up this mask and I am really pleasantly surprised by it. It makes my skin feel great, doesn’t dry it out and reduces my breakouts. It has Witch Hazel in it which my skin LOVES. It is $14.99 for 1.7 oz which is a good price, I think.

There is one negative and it is a pretty big one. It smells AWFUL. When you first put it on it has a very earthy natural smell but when it has dried and you take it off the smell truly hits you. I wish there were a better way to describe it than toxic farts but that is really what it is. For me the benefits out weigh this but take that info and do what you will.

In Conclusion

I have decided to take this time to work on myself and especially my skin. These products have ingredients that my skin really likes so I will definitely continue to use them. Let me know what you guys are doing with any new found free time. And if you have tried anything I mentioned above, let me know!




Mental Health, Physical Health, And Makeup

First of all let me tell you that it feels a bit wrong to be writing a beauty blog during everything going on during COVID-19. It feels like its unimportant and just kind of pointless.

However, with all this social distancing (or for some of us, living the way we were living before) I have found myself taking in more content that keeps my mind off of everything that is going on. For the sake of my mental health, I try to only consume reliable sources that give me the information to stay informed and safe. Otherwise I find myself in a rabbit hole of anxiety that is pretty tough to climb out of.

Please keep in mind, I am just sharing my experience and my personal feelings. If you are feeling anxious and/or depressed that is totally fine and please reach out to someone to talk.

Which brings me to my first point:

How Makeup Helps My Mental Health Right Now

It seems trivial to be putting on makeup everyday and climbing out of bed to participate in the world. Trust me, I know. However, keeping up with my regular routine really helps to bring me some normalcy. Where I work, they have only sent home about half of the people (about 300) and the other half, including myself and my husband, still work in the office. I wish I could explain the reasoning here but I am not in one of those positions where I get to make those decisions.

Keeping up with putting on makeup makes me focus on one thing and have a single train of thought. Even if that train is “I own too much blue eye shadow for how awful it looks on me” or “How do those people wear fake lashes every day?”

On the weekends when there is no work to go to and for me right now also no church, this means getting the motivation to even leave my bed is rough to say the least. Seriously, if it weren’t for my puppy needing to go outside I would lay there until I was dragged out by my hair.

Having a puppy that needs to run and play and snuggle and potty definitely helps get me out of bed, BUT getting up and getting ready for the day helps me stay up. Even if the only place I am going is the living room. I think this is in part because I don’t want to lay back down and run my makeup. The other part is that I really like routines. I am definitely not saying that you need to put on jeans to chill at home (what kind of monster does that) but something that will ring a bell to your normal routine is a huge help.

Working in an office

I have also been blessed with a job that is pretty safe and stable. People need financial institutions and loans no matter what is going on. My job has yet to move me home to work, although many others have been so I am still holding out hope, so going to the office everyday is a mix of emotions. On one hand I am almost paralyzed with anxiety. What if someone here gets sick? Did I do something wrong and that is why I still work on campus? Why are there so many people out? You know, the works. However, on the other hand the social interaction is probably good for me. The anxiety is a lot to handle and pretty rough to fight off sometimes but since I am still in the office, I don’t know that there is another option.

What About Physical Health

Since my main source of activity is browsing my local Ulta and TJ MAXX this is a little tougher since they have closed their doors for the time being (which for the record, I believe was a good decision.) Once again my pupper comes in handy with this one. If anyone here has had a puppy, you know the most effective way to tire them out is to take them on a long walk. Let me tell you, for only being 4.5 lbs he can walk and walk and walk but, it gets me out of the house.

The side of makeup that I feel like helps with my physical health is that I know my skin is worse when I stop working out and when I start eating worse. And, I have been to too many doctors and have been on too many medications to let that happen again. If nothing else, I have to keep up with this for the sheer spite of it. (Who said spite wasn’t a good motivator?)

And Lastly, Makeup

Like I had mentioned before, doing my makeup and skincare routine everyday have been huge helps to keeping my anxiety at a minimum. Not to say I don’t have panic attacks and struggle to sit still for 8 hours a day at work but on the weekends I feel like I feel more normal and more like myself.

Since I am a pro at this social distancing thing, it has also given me the opportunity to try new looks with hair and makeup that I normally wouldn’t wear outside the house. Sometimes these are great and I wondered why I didn’t think of it before, then sometimes I struggle to not wipe it off before I am even done.


So basically, what I am trying to say is staying safe and staying healthy is important. But, don’t forget to take care of yourself. Pick one or two news sources that you can trust and check them once a day for any important updates. Personally, my state has a twitter account run by the governors office specifically for these updates and it is the only source I read right now.

There is no right or wrong way to care for your mental health. Right now, I am trying to get into Yoga and its been great. Some people might be taking a step back from the go-go-go nature of their lives to relax. Others might be learning hobbies (like makeup) and filling their time. I know its weird to write a beauty blog right now but hey, if it helps someone out there stay sane, its worth it.