Fake Nails and Sunscreen

If you spend any amount of time on Social Media you have definitely seen those girls with flat tummies and cute swimsuits lathering themselves with tanning oil. Then, you will subsequently see them with deep tans and contrasting tan lines. My question is, why are we obsessed with being tan? And when did we stop worrying about skin cancer?

Why do we Like Being Tan?

As far as why we are so worried about being tan, I have a theory. I feel like it has something about the beach feeling like a luxury and being at the beach equates to being tan. Therefore, being tan = wealth. But again, that’s just a theory. 

The more concerning part of this trend is that there is no sunscreen to be seen anywhere. Not on faces or bodies. Over the course of many many traumatic sunburns, I am an avid sunscreen applier. Honestly, everyone should be. Sunscreen goes on under my makeup every single day. I also apply sunscreen to the places my clothes don’t cover in the morning. 

I feel like I don’t need to say it but I will, being in the sun without protection increases your chances of getting skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen decreases these chances and reapplying it every 30 minutes decreases them even further. 

I’m not saying that I don’t like being tan and I definitely love being in the sun. Whatever it is in people that makes them want to have a more bronze glow, I definitely have it too. I just have a 100% fake bake. Even my face is fake tanned, and this is all without stepping foot in a tanning booth or bed. Or, even using a tanning mitt. 

Self Tanner

I have tried a couple self tanners that need to be applied with a mitt and honestly, I don’t like them. They all smell like a sweaty cocoa puff to me. Applying them without staining anything is a STRUGGLE for me. I always feel like I don’t do the right thing with my hands and what about the face? I just have a lot of questions and its kind of a hassle from my perspective. 

My solution? Jergens. Yep, Jergens Natural Glow. I get the one for medium to dark skin tones and it actually gives me the look of a good tan. Using something like this over the course of a week doesn’t give you any streaks or weird lines like tanning or self tanner normally would. 

Now what about the face? This one is a little tricky. Jergens has a face version but I have not tried it yet. What I have is the Tanologist tanning drops. With these drops you can choose the intensity of the tan you get and you can increase it over the course or so. It gives a really effortless glow that I love. 

But what about the sunscreen? I don’t know that there is really any difference between sunscreen brands but my favorite is the SunBum brand. It smells great and has yet to fail me. It’s pretty affordable and I use it for my face and body. The best part is that I don’t feel like they are oily like a lot of sunscreen is. 10/10 I would recommend. 

So please, keep your skin safe this summer and wear your sunscreen. There is no shame in a fake tan since its much much more safe. Also, doesn’t the smell of sunscreen just remind you of the beach?

And What About Fake Nails?

So while we are talking about social media trends I want to talk about fake nails. I LOVE getting my nails done at a salon, they look cute and you really dont have to think about them until its time to get them filled. Here is the thing I hate about them. I cannot type with them. As a person who spends most of the working hours typing, I can’t type as fast with acrylic nails no matter what I try.

So what is my solution?

The Kiss Impress Manicure press on nails. For a long time I thought these were cheap and that they just pop off. To a point, I was right. HOWEVER, there is a trick that I learned to help them stay on for weeks.

First, you’ll want to push back your cuticles really well. Then you will want to get some Brush on Nail Glue. I use the Kiss brand, but any brand will work. You will want to let this dry until its tacky. Then when you put the nail on, you’ll want to wedge it under the cuticle. Then as the cuticle relaxes, it will relax over the press on and help to hold it on your nail.

This trick works to hold your nails on longer because there is already glue on the back of the nail and now with the glue on your natural nail, it has extra hold.

So next time you are on your way to dinner, a photo shoot, or a wedding, don’t get your nails done to only really be for a few hours. Grab these and you ll have great nails without all the work.

Let me know what you guys thought about this blog post and if you have any tanning or fake nail tips and tricks of your own.




How to Make Your Skincare More Eco Friendly

I work every day to make my life more Eco Friendly, but sometimes I just don’t know how to change some things or what eco-friendly options are out there. Skincare was one of those areas for me. Now, I have done some research and I am excited to integrate these changes into my skincare routine. 

If you are like me, then you try to make as many little changes in your life to make it more planet friendly everyday. Here are some simple swaps that I am excited to try. 

Bar Face Soap

Bar soap is great because it doesn’t use those plastic bottles that we just throw away. The great thing is almost every skincare brand has some kind of Cleansing Facial Bar. The one that I am excited to try next is from Drunk Elephant but other brands like Lush sell facial bars that have great reviews. Drunk Elephant is a brand that I have really wanted to try since they are kind of a cult classic so why not start with a face bar? BUT, You do not have to spend much on these bars. The Dove Beauty Bar has great reviews as well and they are a great brand. 

Bar Moisturizers

The only company I really know of that makes these is Lush. So I am excited to try some from them. The one that I really want to try is the Light Touch Moisturizing Bar. I like moisturizer to be pretty lightweight because it helps me not break out as much. 


Personally, my skin has been having a rough time lately so this is all I am doing right now. Just cleansing and moisturizing. I will definitely do another post with more products when I reintoroduce them to my skincare routine. If you have more steps in your routine and these are the only ones you change out that is great! 


Now, lets talk tools.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

The easiest place to get these, in my opinion, is either Ulta or Amazon. Basically they are like cotton round but when they are dirty, you can just throw them in the wash! I actually have a pack of wash cloths that I bought that are the same idea, just throw them in the wash! I do have to give you a word of caution with this though, mascara and foundation will come off on clothes you wash with it. (RIP to my husbands white basketball shorts.) So give them a good rinse before you throw them in and wash them with a load of dark clothes. 

Reusable Cotton Swab

I see this every once in a while and I always think it is so cool. Its basically the same shape as a cotton swab but its made of silicone. And, it comes in a little case. That way, you can use them for whatever you need, rinse them off, and put them away. Less waste and less space than a normal box of cotton swabs. 

In conclusion, I just want to reemphasize that you can even just make a couple of these changes and be helping the environment. One of my favorite quotes is that “It doesnt take a few people doing it perfectly to make change. Just a lot of people trying, imperfectly.” Let me know what swaps you have made in your routine and what ones you are excited to make.