Guess What I Started a YouTube Channel

If you have stuck around for the dry spell of blogging for the last couple months consider this your oasis!

I love blogging, it has a special place in my heart. I also love makeup and as much as I love both of these things makeup and beauty are visual for most people. Trying to write or create a pictorial is a little difficult.

To help me reach as many people as possible I decided to hop on the beauty YouTuber train and start my own channel. I’ll still be posting here and probably mostly posting about what I post about on YouTube.

Without further ado here is the link to my newest video:

So you might be asking why I would start a YouTube Channel in the first place? Well The answer is pretty simple actually. It is really hard to try to write about how to do makeup. I can tell you how to blend an where to put what products but really seeing them is the easiest way to really be able to tell how something will work for you.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you know that makeup really helps my mental health. Being able to make videos helps me to feel less stuck behind a screen and more able to connect with people.

So enough about me I want to get into actually talking about my latest video.

At the time this goes up (or at least shortly after) the most recent video on my channel will deal with some new Tarte products. While I was filing that video I did some great first impressions but now fast forward to current Kate. Now I can tell you how they wear all day and really a full review.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Pallet: This one for me is an easy win. Repurchase, recommend, however you want to put it. I love it. Before I tried this pallet I never really understood what people meant when they said the formula of an eyeshadow pallet was creamy but now I get it.

This pallet blended like a perfect daydream; the kind you go back to sleep to try and finish. However, I will say this, if you do not like shimmer shades this pallet is not for you. It has a lot of shimmer shades which for me makes it a fantastic pallet. These shades have it all, they are pigmented, they blend well, they are neutral ( I am definitely a neutral pallet fan) and the color story is great.

Until I started watching RawBeautyKristie (Highly commend her channel if you don’t mind a little swearing) I didn’t understand the idea of a pallet so let me try to explain it a bit. Basically its the way colors are arranged in a pallet to best help you to create a look. This pallet has a great color story to the types of look I like to create.

Tarte Sex Kitten Pallet: So when I first ordered this pallet it was part of a set called the everyday glam look (or at least something along those lines) and it looked right up my neutral loving ally. The name was a touch of a shock but I have also been using the Better Then Sex Mascara for years so I really wasn’t clutching my pearls too hard.

These colors are beautiful. They have the same amazing blend ability and color story hat make me reach for this pallet over and over. There is one complaint that is really just a picky pet peeve of mine. There is one color that has a larger pot than the others and I cant stand this. The color itself is beautiful and I use it again and again. For some reason my brain only registers all the colors that are the same size. I don’t know why that is but if I’m not really looking at this pallet I don’t even register that pallet.

Estee Lauder Stay in Place Makeup: Okay I am going to start this one out really honest: this is an expensive foundation. However, with my dry, irritated, and also sometimes oily skin, this is seriously fantastic and it is the kind of foundation that makes me not ever want to try another one. I don’t even feel like I have to set this foundation. It applies BEAUTIFULLY and it is so comfortable and lightweight. I usually have a problem with the way that foundation sits on my nose and upper lip but this one really stays in place all day. I really don’t have any complaints about it.

Tarte Rainforest of the Sea So Fine Liner: My feelings about this liner are really mixed. On one hand it really glides on and it is a definite black color. However the applicator is tiny. I feel like I cant do my liner in one fail swoop like I usually do. But it also helps me to get a really good wing. I really cant decide how I feel about this liner but so farI haven’t reached for it since I made this video so maybe I have more issues with it than I think I do.

So those are the most important things that I tried in this video that I wanted to talk about so let me know what you guys think and if you have tried any of these products and what you thought of them.


How to Find the Perfect Foundation

Foundation is called foundation for a reason. If your foundation isn’t right then your whole look can fall apart. The only thing that people can look at is the line where your foundation meets bare skin or the area around your nose where it has oxidized.

Finding the right foundation is also not just about the right foundation. It is also about a few other things but well get there.

The Right Foundation for YOU

  1. Finding the foundation for your skin type seems daunting. I recommend going to your local friendly Ulta or Sephora and asking for samples of what they recommend. Not just for them to put on your skin but also a small sample for you to take home and try on your own as well. If you lean more towards the drugstore brands then a great place to start is with the Maybelline Fit me foundation. It is one of the highest ranked drugstore foundations and as someone who has also used it before I agree its a great place to start.
  2. Color is probably the hardest thing to to get right in a foundation, at least for me it is. If there is one thing that I can have you take away from this post it is make your foundation match the overall tone of your body, not just your neck. Matching just the neck leaves a lot of room for error in color but the overall tone of your body will make your look seem more cohesive. The undertone of your skin tends to be more yellow or more pink but there are a lot of undertone colors. Finding your undertone is part of matching the foundation to the overall color of your body.
  3. Give your foundation a base. Applying foundation to bare skin is risky because not all of your skin is the exact same texture or type. Priming your skin helps it to even out and for the foundation to apply evenly to everything. My go to primer is the Porefessional primer by Benefit. I have also really liked the Mac Fix + as a primer as well. However, primer can come in many different forms. Some people have found a great moisturizer that doubles as a primer for them and some people use a much more oily primer to help their makeup. I recommend starting with something neutral and working form there. Only you can decide what you like in your foundation.

Finding a good foundation can be rough. I know that I definitely wore the wrong color for years. Let me know if you guys have any tips on finding the foundation combination that is best for you.


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How I Chopped My Hair Off With No Regrets

I have always had long hair. I have always felt prettier with it and I like the options I have with long hair.

However, if you have ever had hair past your shoulder blades you know that its a struggle. Curling my hair takes approximately 4 years and the arm strength of a body builder. Washing it takes another 4 years and drying might happen in the next decade. Long hair is also EXPENSIVE. With shampoo, conditioners, hair masks, hair cuts, etc. On top of having it dyed it was a serious hassle in my life.

I mean, do you even have long hair if you don’t consider shaving your head at least once a day?

So the other night I handed my husband a pair of scissors and told him I wanted a shorter. Thank God I have a talented husband and it turned out amazing. Otherwise this may be a totally different post.

It has been a few days and I am still loving it. How is that so? How did I chop off 6 – 7 inches of hair with no regrets?

Maybe i just felt like I needed to truly start a new chapter in my life with a totally new look. It’s already blonde so why not blonde and short? Right?

I have just had enough of long hair. Short hair means that I can do so much more with it. Buns are easier to throw up. Curling takes half the time. Washing my hair is so fast. But mostly, having shorter hair makes me feel like I look more grown up.

I feel like the concept of looking more grown up is usually reserved for 8 year olds in their moms heals but for me I felt like when I looked back at my senior photos I still looked the same and I am definitely not the same person so why look it?

I have always felt like long hair was beautiful but my face shape goes really well with short hair. I have come to accept that and now that I am working on graduating, I work a grown-up job, and am buying a house I felt like I needed something new and different. So, the only solution in my head was chopping my hair off.

Long hair is such a security blanket but short hair is such a freedom. I feel more confident and I feel more free. My hair feels so much softer and I feel like there is so much I can do with it.

Honestly, when people go to the salon they have planned it out more. They have had to think about it. Cutting it off on a whim is significantly more effective. There is no over thinking and no time to regret or look in the mirror. It’s almost stress receiving.

It has been a couple weeks and I am really growing into the look. The question you might be asking is but where are the regrets Kate? Every person regrets cutting their hair eventually. Its almost a cardinal rule of cutting hair.

I will admit that when I see girls with beautiful long hair and a fresh blow out ask my past self why I even looked at a pair of scissors but it passes. Curling my hair is now a daily task and I always love the way that it looks.

So do I really have the super secret formula to cutting hair with no regrets? Maybe its the right mix of impulsive and growing up and not caring what other people think? Maybe it is something along the lines of changing things in your life all at the same time so that you are too busy being stressed with other things to be stressed with your hair? I’m not sure.

If you guys have any stories of sever regrets or a lack thereof let me know!


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Lazy Girl Guide to Skincare and Makeup

I have probably been the worst at posting in the last couple months than ever but I am back! For good this time!

It is finally starting to warm up where I live and I am feeling revitalized! I have new makeup to try, new hairstyles to show off and a wonderful blog to write!

I promised at the end of my last post to do a post about a lazy girls guide to skincare so here it is. Also, since its been so long I am adding a few of my lazy girl makeup tips as well.

Bliss Makeup Removing Jelly-

If you are someone who comes home and doesn’t feel like doing anything this is product is definitely for you. It is both a makeup remover and a face wash and it can be wet or dry.

Lumen Glow Booster

This is such an awesome product to me especially as it starts to get warmer. It isn’t oily for the summer and it is a great moisturizer as well. I would say that 6 out of 7 days I use this morning and night. It dries faster than normal moisturizer so its great for when I’m running late. (Which is literally every day.)

Use a face washing brush

This works for me to double as an exfoliant for my skin which is awesome. The bristles are soft enough to not hurt my skin but enough to get the dead skin. It makes it so glowy and soft. It also helps me to touch my face less which helps to eliminate acne. Basically, overall this is a great idea that accomplishes a lot of things at once.

Those are the biggest things I do that save me time and let me sleep in longer.

Now onto my lazy girl makeup tips

Put on lip chapstick while you do the rest of your makeup

I suffer from chronicly dry lips. Putting on chapstick as the first step to my makup routine means that its dry enough to put on lipstick and not really need a gloss.

Use a spray primer

As much as I love my Benefit Pore Perfection it takes too much time when I am in a rush. That is when I pull out the MAC or the NYX spray primers. A few squirts and I am done.

Eyebrow Gel

If you have yet to discover brow gel go out and get it. If you are feeling a little more spendy the Benefit Gimme Brow is amazing but if not then the Ulta Beauty version is equally as good. This easily cuts down doing my brows by half in the morning.


To be clear I do not have micro-bladed brows. However my coworkers do and they rave about how much it cuts down their time in the morning to get ready. I can’t necessarily recommend this but I can tell you what other people have said.

So these are the things I do to help save me time in the morning and just effort overall. Feel free to leave your own tips in the comments so that we can all sleep in and look fabulous.

What Products Got me Through January

January always seems like a rough time. Christmas has left me broke, I’m trying to keep up with my new goals, and its only getting more cold and more dry here. However there are some products that have helped me through vacation, dry weather, and just an all around crazy month.

This post contains affiliate links. This just means that if you click a link and make a purchase I will receive a portion of the profits. 

Currently, my skin is breaking out and I am in the process of switching jobs so I am trying to keep up with life in general so my skincare and makeup have sort of taken a backseat. However, there are a few things that have been helping me to look like an adult that has it all together while I definitely do not.

My Makeup Routine

My go-to makeup routine is to do my brows, liner, and mascara. In the last week or so I have added a touch of concealer under my eyes. This helps me to look like I have gone to bed when the clock still said pm in the last few weeks.

Right now for my brows I use the Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium.  This color is a good balance with my natural roots and my blonde hair. I am obsessed with applicators like this. Pencils are great and powder works fine but gel with this mascara like applicator go on so fast and so even without looking like I filled my brows. I like that it looks like my brows look like they are natural and don’t need to be filled in. This also lasts all day and doesn’t flake or rub off like some other products that I have tried.

For my lashes I use the Too Faced Better Than Sex and Diamonds. This formula is a limited edition from Too Faced and I really hope that they decide to keep it. It is a lot smoother than the original and doesn’t flake off as badly. It works well for both top and bottom lashes. I also love the voluminous and long look it gives to my lashes. On top of all that it has cute packaging with little diamonds on it.

My liner really hasn’t changed much in the last year or so to be honest. I still use the Ulta Beauty fine tip liner and I am still loving it. It doesn’t move once you put it on and I can make the line super thin like I like to. I feel like I have talked about this a ton on my site so I’ll leave it at this.

For under my eyes I am using a different concealer than I usually do. I am using the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. This concealer honestly shocked me. I did not expect it to be anything special but I 10000% recommend this to anyone looking for an alternative to Shape Tape. It is a really creamy formula, it isn’t drying, and it is super pigmented. I love it. Please do me and you a favor and go out and purchase this. I put it under my eyes and over spots where I’m breaking out and set it and feel so much better about my skin.

My Skincare Routine

I can’t tell you how many nights I’ll fall asleep on the couch and drag myself to the bedroom and just want to crawl in bed makeup and all. However, I have discovered the Bliss Makeup Melt Jelly Cleanser. There are two different ways that I use this. Sometimes I will just get some of this on my hands with warm water and take my makeup off and wash my face all at once. This is not my favorite way to take my makeup off and wash my face but some nights its what I do. The other way I use this is just like a normal makeup remover. It takes everything off without being drying and leaving that weird film on my skin like wipes do.

For regular face wash I will use one of two face washes and I love them both equally. I will either use the Simple Micellar Facial Wash or I will use The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Cleanser. I will use the Simple one when my skin is feeling really irritated and dry because it is really gentle on my skin. It helps to clean my skin without striping everything out of it. I will use The Body Shop one when my skin is less irritated and I want a little bit of a deeper cleanse. This one I use more at night for this very reason.

As far as moisturizer I have been using a moisturizer and glow boost combo. The moisturizer I am currently using is not exactly budget friendly but I am definitely in love with it. The Pixi Hydrating Milky Serum is what is helping my skin to make through winter in Idaho. It helps my skin to stay really moisturized without it feeling oily. The glow boost that I am using is this one. It is a Valo Glow Boost that smells AMAZING. If you just purchase this to smell it it would e worth it. It leaves my skin really glowy without being greasy and makes it so smooth and soft.

My Hair Routine

So ever since I colored my hair last month I have had to change things up a bit. Also after spending last week in the sun on vacation I came back a lot more blonde than I anticipated. To help keep my hair soft and silky all week I was using the classic Treseme Shampoo and Conditioner. I did wash my hair everyday because of the salt, sand, and dirt that it was covered in at the end of the day. After I got out of the shower I used the Wet detangling leave in conditioner and then brushed my hair and let it air dry. II seriously cannot emphasize enough how soft my hair was every day. Some nights instead of using a detangling spray I used the Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Hair Cream. This is basically a super sticky hair gel. I would use this by putting it into towel dried hair and running it through with my fingers. I would let it air dry overnight and then style my hair in the morning . It helped it to have a more beach-y look to it and style much easier. Now that I am back I use it the same way on days when I don’t wash my hair.

These products helped me through what I think is the toughest month of the year. Let me know what you guys do to help get you through January and check back next week for my lazy girls guide to skincare!

Beauty Goals for 2019

This post contains affiliate links. This basically means that if you click them and purchase something I will receive a portion of the profits. 

I have always heard that writing down your goals is the best way to keep them. Maybe sharing them with all of you on my site will keep me extra accountable for them.

When it comes to beauty being stagnate is a huge fear of mine. I feel like this is where pictures such as me from my senior prom where I still didn’t know how to do brows come from. Trying new things was scary so I just didn’t do it.

Seriously where were my eyebrows in this pic? Maybe hiding behind my beautiful mother.

Be more creative with my eye makeup

I have pretty much stuck to the same routine when it comes to eye color for the past few years. I really want to try to mix things up and see what bright colors and maybe even fake lashes look like on me. Essentially my goal is to be able to look back on pictures of myself and know that I tried everything that I wanted to try.

I think the pallet I want to try is this Morphe pallet.  The colors are so pretty and not too crazy for someone who is a bit of a beginner like me when it comes to colors that aren’t nudes. The colors will also nicely compliment my green eyes.

Try more natural brands

One of my personal goals for the last few months has been to be more eco-friendly. I want to try more brands that are natural so that I am not creating more waste that cannot be used. On top of knowing that my skin reacts really well to natural products, I think that this will really help me to keep this goal of being more natural overall.

One brand that I am exited to try is Alaffia. It is a super affordable brand with eco-friendly packaging. I have heard all good things about it so I’m really excited to get my hands on some.

Wear makeup more often

This sounds super weird considering there are probably people who have the exact opposite goal. Mostly wearing makeup helps me to see the things about my face that I really like and how to highlight them. I also love trying products and I have a whole box of products that I have purchased that I haven’t tried yet.

Be nicer to my hair

This goal has a lot with the fact that my hair is still recovering from going blonde. Before I colored my hair it was so healthy. The stylist told me that it was some of the healthiest hair she had seen in her 12 years of working in salons. Now I have it colored and it is pretty dry and dead. With blowdrying it everyday and occasionally curling it, my hair doesn’t feel like it used to so I really want to get it back to feeling shiny and new.

These are my biggest beauty goals for the new year and I am really excited to let you guys know how they go. Let me know what you guys think and what your new years goals are!

What I Have Learned From Going Blonde

This post contains some associate links. That just means that if you click the link and purchase something I will receive a portion of the proceeds. 

My wonderful husband gave me a fantastic early Christmas present and funded me getting a balayage. I have wanted to dye my hair for a long time but I put it off until after the wedding. I didn’t want to be uncomfortable with my hair or unfamiliar with it on the day when my hair needed to be the lesser of my worries.

I have been blonde for just over a two weeks and I am in love with the way it looks. This is something that I had been warned before that it might wash me out but I took the chance and I absolutely love it. Sometimes I still get confused at the blonde hairs on the couch but I’ll get used to it.

To help combat the dry and sometimes frizzy hair that is super different from what I’m used to; here are a few products that I use to help it look and feel a little healthier.

Shampoos and Conditioners

When you color your hair you have to change up your hair care routine a bit. For me, I have found that I need to wash my hair a little less than I normally do and I condition my hair every single day.

Paul Mitchel Extra-Body Shampoo and Conditioner

This shampoo-conditioner set is not specifically for color treated hair so it doesn’t have some of the benefits that those shampoos do but it helps when my hair is starting to get frizzy. The shampoo doesn’t create the best suds to wash your hair but the conditioner helps the frizzy ends when the dryness starts to get to my hair.

As far as cost goes this is not the most wallet-friendly product but I get mine at JCP where they usually have a good sale going on. These ones I bought on black Friday when it was buy one get one half off so I got them for about 20$ total.

Maui Moisture Color Protection + Sea Minerals Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a shampoo-conditioner set that is meant for colored treated hair so it has ingredients that help your hair to stay healthy with color. I like this brand a lot because it is a more natural brand that is vegan, sulfate free, and made with pure coconut water. It is also pretty kind on your wallet and works like professional salon brands.

This shampoo and conditioner have some great minerals that help to protect your hair color and bring some moisture back into it. They bring some natural shine back into my hair so that it doesn’t look dull or dry. As far as cost these are pretty good. Depending on where you get them they can be between 8 and 9 dollars. I got the ones I have right now from Ulta Beauty for 9 but I know that Walmart also carries the same product.

Matrix Total Results Brass Off Color Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner

So if you, like me, have decide to go blonde then your hair has needed toner. However, toner fades over time and the way to keep it a little longer is to use special shampoo like this one. It is usually a deep purple/blue color that you don’t have to use very often at first but you increase frequency as you time goes on. This shampoo does make my hair really soft and it suds really well. However, if you use it too soon after ding your hair it can turn it a little blue so the general rule is to wait about two weeks.

As far as cost these shampoos and conditioners are a bit more pricy but my recommendation is to invest in something good. It is going to be less expensive than getting a touch up more often because the toner fades. Invest in your hair color and you will see results. I also got these from JCPenny for about 13$ each but I have found it to be a good investment.

Leave in Treatments

Living in as dry of a climate as I do leave in products are a must. They keep my hair soft and smooth between washes and help my hair to hold in moisture better.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product

So weather or not you have colored hair I still recommend this product.  It does amazing things for your hair that you can’t really get anywhere else. It is a spray but it is the consistency of conditioner. It makes my hair so soft and also helps with being a heat protectant. It adds a lot of moisture to my hair so I have to be careful with how much I use or it will start to feel like there is a lot of product in it. It helps to detangle hair a lot so that when you brush it you aren’t ripping out enough hair to create a wig for yourself. The next time you’re running to Target or Walmart or wherever you like to run errands pick up a bottle and look at the list of things that it does for your hair on the back. They are all 100% true for me and my hair type.

The best way to use it, for me at least, is to spray 3-4 sprays on towel dry hair and use a comb to brush it through all of my hair. I usually blow dry it after because I am a morning shower person and if I leave the house with wet hair in winter it will literally freeze before I get to my car.

As far as cost this is not the most friendly to the wallet, I’m not going to lie. It is an amazing product but the next leave in product I’m talking about is just as good and I recommend just as much and it is more budget friendly if that is what you are looking for.

Wet Brush Time Release Detangler 

This is a product that the stylist recommended to me when I got my hair colored as a good leave in product to use. The first thing I noticed when I used it is how good it made my hair smell and the smell lasted all day. This is definitely something that I reach for super often because it helps my wet hair to be detangled and it also has heat protectant in it so I can blow dry my hair after using it as well. It has keratin that helps my hair to be stronger to help the wet noodle feeling that I talked about earlier. I also don’t notice the feeling of hair feeling like it has too much product in it like I do with the previous product. I think this is because it is not as thick like that one is.

As far as price this one is a little lighter on the wallet. And honestly I think it is amazing and I reach for it just as often as I do the It’s a 10 product.

Pharm to Table Coconut Argon Hydrating Leave-In

This was something that I picked up at TJMaxx and I have really fallen in love with it. It smells amazing and the coconut oil in it really helps my hair to have some great shine and moisture. It also has argon oil and bamboo extract in it which are things that my hair always really loves. It makes it really soft and helps to repair some damage. It doesn’t have heat protectant in it so I will use it on days when I don’t have to go to work in the morning or when I am staying home for the day and when I can let my hair air dry.

Coconut Oil

So for this one I don’t think that it really matters what brand you use. Sometimes I will use whatever I find at the grocery store in the jars with the cooking stuff but the one that I am loving at the moment is the Shea Moisture Coconut Oil.

The way that I use this is at night I will coat all of my hair in it and put it in a towel with a towel on my pillow and sleep with it in my hair. I wash it out in the morning like I would normally wash my hair and it helps give my hair so much life. I heard of this when I was watching some interview with Kim Kardashian and she mentioned that this was something that she did with blonde hair to keep it healthy. I figured why not give it a shot and it really works.


Beauty Things I’m Still Not Good At

I have been doing my makeup since I was in like the fourth or fifth grade and I have had skin issues in all different climates, I have had really long hair and chopped it off more than once. Somehow there are still things that I really suck at. 

I don’t know that there is anyone out there who really have the whole beauty thing figured out. (If you are one of those people please message me, I have questions.) As much it may feel like I have things figured out or even look like I know exactly what I am doing I still feel like a novice. 

Wearing glasses with foundation

The first thing that I feel like I am still really bad at is wearing glasses with a full face of makeup. I wear glasses most of the time but sometimes I dont them. I also wear sunglasses pretty much every time I am in the car so I always end up with two bear spots at either side of my nose. I have tried carrying a beauty blender with me but I feel like there is a better method that I just don’t know about.


Most mornings I can manage what would appear to be a pretty precise flick but it is with the help of patience developed over the years and a lot of q-tips. Someone told me once that liquid eyeliner can smell fear and I am here to tell you that it is 100% true. 

Getting a good hair washing schedule

I know that it is definitly not just me but just once I would like my hairwashing schedule to line up with when I have things to do. I also seem to either not wait long enough or wait too long and I really wish my hair could just tell me when it was going to get unbearably oily the morning of something I need to do. 

Taking care of my nails

So I have always had pretty weak nails that break really easily. It also seems that I have a habit of chipping off nail polish as soon as its dry enough to do so. Basically my nails suck at being nails and I really don’t know how to fix it. 

Being adventurous with makeup

Pretty much any time I go to watch a beauty guru makeup tutorial I get super self conscious. I always feel like my eyelids are the wrong shape for a lot of shadow and my face can’t handle too much contour and a million other things. I also hold to my current makeup routine pretty tightly so when it comes to changing up the way I do anything I basically avoid it like the plague. 

Doing a messy bun

Please someone teach me your ways. My buns always turn out too clean or too floppy. There is no in between. If you have ever seen me in public with an acceptable looking messy bun please know that it probably took texturizing spray, 50 bobby pins, and lots of hairspray to get it that way. 

Although I write a beauty blog and I have a lot of beauty knowledge there are still things that I really can’t do. This list has changed over the years but some things I think will always be the same. 

Let me know what beauty things you guys think you’re still bad at so that I don’t feel like I am totally incapable as a human. 

Dealing with my Anxiety During the Holidays

I want to interrupt my normal beauty blogging to talk about something that effects me very personally. My anxiety. If you prefer my regular beauty posts as opposed to posts like these then feel free to check back in next Tuesday to read about beauty things that I still suck at. 

There are thousands of people whose mental health effects them in some way during the holidays. Even with Thanksgiving already being behind us the time between now and Christmas and even New Years is really difficult for me. I want to really focus on my personal experience because I know that everyone experiences anxiety differently and I can’t speak for everyone. 

Some of my biggest struggles

One thing that makes the holidays difficult for me is traveling to visit family. There are kind of two parts to this one. I never really know when a panic attack is going to strike so it is really hard to always be prepared for it. I know that Chris can help me to calm down sometimes but what if we are around family that doesn’t understand what is going on? What if we are in a place where I can’t do some of the things that help me to cope? What if they think I’m crazy? 

These are some of the things that go through my mind when we are traveling. The biggest thing is that I can’t really explain what’s going on when I get anxious like that and the people around me will think that I’m crazy. 

Are these fears irrational? Probably. Do they keep me from wanting to travel and just stay home where the only person who can think I’m crazy is Chris? Yes. 

There are certain triggers that can’t be avoided in some situations. For example, I work in retail so when I get to be irritable because of my anxiety I have to bury that under a deep layer of a customer service smile and fear of being fired. 

What I do to try and help

One thing that I do is I write this blog. I hope that maybe it will be a little easier for people to understand that I can’t do constant activities or when I am feeling anxious I can’t just calm down at the drop of a hat. 

Another thing that I do is I keep a panic attack emergency kit with me when we are traveling or when we are going to be around family/friends for extended periods of time. For me this includes lavender/ginger tea packets, unscented lotion mixed with calming essential oils, and headphones. These things will usually help me to calm my anxiety enough to get to a place where I can do some breathing exercises and go for a walk. 

With Christmas around the corner it can feel like an obligation to visit family and friends and to not feel like an inconvenience. Traveling and visiting can be stressful for me and I am sure for others. It is tempting to just stay home and send a card. If that is what you need to do to make sure you are in a healthy place I will be right there with you! 

When your parents want you to come downstairs and talk to Aunt So-and-so or when your family wants you to go caroling on strangers doorsteps anxiety can rear its ugly head. Sometimes going out to distract yourself is the answer but sometimes staying in and focusing on yourself is the best thing to do. For me, I just have to take it one thing at a time so that I can do what it best for me. 

How to Travel on a Beauty Budget and a Space Budget

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If it were up to me I would be allowed to bring a whole extra bag on trips just to make sure that I have everything I need for any skin/makeup/hair emergency. However, Chris would probably think I’m crazy and also be upset because its heavy and I would make him carry it. 

Even when we just go to his parents for the weekend I still overpack beauty items before I go back and reign myself in. Will I actually use texturizing cream, hair oil, hair masks, and color enhancer? Probably not but when I’m packing all I think to myself is “What if I really want to have wavy textured hair with this dress and I don’t have the right size curing wand or my sea salt spray??????” Honestly, its not a big deal and I know that Vacation Kate probably won’t want to put in that kind of effort anyway. 

So how do I balance Beauty Addict Kate and Traveler Kate? 

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