Influenter Reviews: Study Break VoxBox!

So in my last post I talked about some awesome stuff I got to try out from Influenster. I got some awesome toothpaste, some shampoo and conditioner, a face mask and new trident gum. 

So I will just get right into the reviews!

Hello Activated Charcoal with Fresh Mint and Coconut Oil Toothpaste

So funny story: I actually bought this toothpaste just a few days before I got this box so I was really excited about it. I mentioned in my last post that I had wanted to try a more natural toothpaste and this was a great start. It makes my teeth feel so clean. It is also a black toothpaste and mostly it is fun to use. When I brush my teeth at night its funny to look in the mirror and see black teeth. It has a really great natural mint taste which I think is great. 

The thing that I really want to focus on is how it makes my teeth feel so clean. I was a bit afraid that the charcoal would make my teeth feel weird but I really feel like it makes them so fresh and gets everything off of them.

Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Infused with Honey and Apricot Fragrance

So the first thing that I will note is that this stuff smells amazing. I have never smelled any shampoo or conditioner that smelled good like this one does. It smells fresh and fruity and clean and sweet at the same time. Honestly that doesn’t quite describe the scent so you should just go out to your local hair product dealer and smell it yourself. 

However, I can’t say that I was crazy pleased with it. My hair felt clean but the ends felt ver dry and damaged the next day. This was particularly frustrating to me because I have just cut my hair so it shouldn’t be to that point of damage yet and I also pay special attention to conditioning the ends fo my hair. Overall, it was nice to try but I don’t see myself purchasing it in the future. 

7th Heaven Dead Sea + Clay Peel Off Mask

So I have mixed feelings about this mask. The first night I tried it I actually really liked it. (There was way too much product for just one use so I had to split it into two nights.) I put it on and it was a lot more thick and sticky than I thought it would be. However, once I let it dry for a bit it turned more solid and all peeled off in one fluid piece. Honestly, that was pretty fun and one of my favorite parts. My skin felt good and I genuinely enjoyed it. 

The second night that I used it was a little less positive. I was hesitant to try it because my skin is really dry and sensitive. As soon as I put it on my skin started to burn a little. I kind of pushed through because whenever I put something moisturizing on my skin it starts to burn so I thought that it would go away. The burning continued around my eyes and mouth until the mask was totally dry. I didn’t notice any serious irritation after I took the mask off but I can’t say it was a pleasant experience. 

Trident Vibes Gum and Phone Pocket

The gum was actually super good. Chris and I split it and we both agreed that it had really good flavor that lasted a long time. I can’t wait to use my free coupon to get a full package of it. the phone pocket is really fun. My only issue is that I have a denim case so it only stuck for a few days. 

Overall I would rate this Vox Box a 3/5 stars. Some stuff was awesome and some was nice to try but I wasn’t in love with. 

More about Influenster

So I am not an Influenster expert so I would mostly recommend that you go check out their website and decide to join if it seems like your thing. I know that I love love love finding reviews for products that I want to try. I cna just pull up the app, and find the product that I’m looking for and look at lots of reviews for it. You can find it at

I received all of these products for free as a trial from Influenster. 

Getting Free Stuff From Influenster

As someone who loves beauty but is also trying to keep a budget I absolutely love Influenster. 

If you haven’t heard of Influenster I highly recommend that you look into it. Essentially you write reviews for products that you write and after a little while you get the chance for them to send you free full size products to review. 

I have been using Influenster for a while and I just got my first box and I am so excited! 

The thing that I really love about Influenster is that it really encourages me to try new products so that I can write about it. I also know that it gives me the chance to get new free things. You can also use Influenster to find products and see how they are rated. This has saved me so many times when I am looking at new products to buy. Sometimes I’ll look something up and see the reviews and it’ll make m either put it back on the shelf or it’ll convince me to spend the money on it. 

What I got

I just received the Study Break VoxBox and it has some pretty cool stuff. 

It has the Hello Activated Charcoal with Fresh Mint and Coconut Oil toothpaste. I have always really wanted to try a more natural charcoal toothpaste so I am really happy about this one. Funny story: last week I finally got the courage to buy some and I bought this exact one. Now I have two! 

The next thing that I got was the Hair Food Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner Infused with Honey and Apricot Fragrance. Hair Food is a brand that I have seen around but I have never really reached for it before. I have been looking more at the reviews for it and I am seeing some really positive stuff so I am excited to try it. 

It is also getting colder and windy here in Idaho so I am looking for something that is going to keep my hair soft and moisturized. 

The next product that I got is the 7th Heaven Dead Sea + Clay Peel Off Mask. I am actually really hesitant with this one. The last mask that I tried made my face burn so badly so I haven’t done another face mask since. I am still going to try it but I am concerned that it is going to make my face burn. 

The last product that I have is the Trident Vibes Gum. I already took this one out of the package but I want to wait until my review post to tell you guys about it! I also received a stick on phone case and a coupon for a free package of gum so that is pretty awesome. 

What’s Next

Keep an eye out for my next post later this week talking about what I thought about all the products and more about Influenster! I’ll be posting pics and reviews about each product as well as links to places to get them and how to get free stuff from Influenster.

To see my official social media posts with reviews follow me!

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Meet Me

I figured with a new website and a new last name I should re-introduce myself. 

My name is Kate Simmons and I love beauty. 

How I started

I was definitely that girl in the 6th grade that wore pink glitter eye shadow and clear mascara. I think that I have come a long way since then. I started to get more into makeup when I started reading Seventeen and when I saw my older sister dong her makeup. I would beg her to do my makeup and make me look like her constantly. 

The first high end makeup product I bought myself was a Too Faced setting powder. It smelled like chocolate and made me feel like a grown up. 

More than anything I wanted to look like the popular girls at school who wore makeup and were cheerleaders and had boyfriends. I kept experimenting with makeup and beauty and skincare and I still do to this day. 

In college I started to have skin problems. My skin was really bad for about a year before I finally went to a doctor and did something about it. I am very blessed to be on my parents insurance plan which covered the medications that I was put on because I would have not been able to afford them otherwise. In total it would have been about 600$ for three medications. Within about a month I saw huge progress. I struggled with dry, peeling, and burning skin for three weeks and then I finally started to see the acne go away. Now, I still have visible scars and discoloration but, a year ago I would have never thought that my skin could look like this. 

Where I’m at now

Now I have a wonderful husband, a cute little apartment in a cute little town, and a blog where I can write about my passion. 

As far as makeup I definitely spend way more than I probably should but I absolutely love what I do. Every-time I go out with a full face of makeup and someone tells me how good it looks it encourages me to keep getting better. I have found great brands that I love and I have found the look that really suits me. 

Outside of the beauty aspect of my life I’m relatively average. I work a part time retail job that I actually kind of love. I really like the people that I work with and where I live the people don’t seem to be too crazy. Standing on my feet for 8 hours a day isn’t my favorite but it definitely could be worse. 

I am also getting ready to graduate with my associates in general studies and move onto getting my bachelors in Communication. I started out working on my bachelors at BYUI and about half way through I met Chris. For us to be married and live in the same city that meant that I had to move to a different city. Now, I am finishing my associates online before moving onto the bachelors program at the state college here. 

I absolutely love the field of communication and the more that I work in it and learn about it, the more I know that this is what I am supposed to be doing. It involves a lot of writing (which I obviously love or I would not voluntarily write a blog) and getting to know people. 

I also struggle with anxiety. Over the past year my anxiety has skyrocketed from what it was previously. I am still learning to handle it and working out medications and whatnot but I feel like maybe I’m getting a grip on it. I have written a little more in depth about my anxiety before so I don’t want to delve in too deep here. You can read all about it here

Another fun thing about me is that I am Mormon. This is a huge part of my life and I love sharing it with people. However, I don’t want my religion to overtake what the point of this site is. You guys are always welcome to message me on my social media channels if you want to ask me more personal questions. 

I hope this helps you guys to get to know me better and why I do what I do! 

Getting things for free from Ulta

By now I think I have pretty well established that I like Ulta Beauty A LOT.  I love that their focus is all things beauty. This includes makeup, skincare, hair tools and haircare. All of which are things I love. When I learned that I could get free makeup from Ulta, then I was super sold on them. 

How I started

Initially I was really skeptical of using any Ulta Beauty brand products. I had never heard much about them and I was worried that I wouldn’t get the same results as with more expensive makeup. Once when I was in, there was a sale going on where if you spent a certain amount you got a bag of samples of their makeup and I figured why not. I grabbed a few simple products like a sharpener, a gloss, and setting spray and collected my free bag. 

I can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised by almost everything in the bag. The only things I remember not being in love with was the mascara. (Too Faced Better Than Sex will always hold my heart.) 

The Deal

That free bag was about 80$ worth of makeup and as a bonus I genuinely loved the makeup. Now, every time I see that deal I always stock up on my favorites and happily collect my bag of free makeup. I get so genuinely excited about what is in these bags. Even if I don’t love it, I still love learning what I do and don’t like. Usually you spend about 20$ on Ulta Beauty brand makeup and, in my experience, you get about 100$ worth of free makeup. In my opinion, that is a pretty fantastic deal. 

The most recent time I got a super cute rose gold glitter bag with makeup remover wipes, liner, mascara, a shadow pallet, a contour pallet, lipstick, gloss, eyebrow tint, and a few other goodies. (I’ll list them all below.) 

I can honestly say that for a lot of these products I am definitely a return customer for them. This is how I fell in love with some of their lip colors and liners. 

If there is one recommendation I can make to you guys is to keep your eye out for this deal at Ulta and take advantage of it. 

The Wedding Day

(Disclaimer: There are a few affiliate links in this post. That means that if you click on them and make a purchase I will receive compensation.)

We are finally married! It was a long day full of families, stress, and more happiness than I could have ever imagined.

I really want to tell you guys all about the day itself and of course about my makeup and hair and skincare leading up to the big day itself.

My Makeup

So for the biggest day of my life (so far) I really wanted my makeup to look perfect. I had been practicing my makeup for months and these are the products that I had finally narrowed it down to:


I really fell in love with the Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. It feels so good on my skin and the coverage is amazing. The formula makes it feel so much better than any other liquid foundation I have ever used.


I knew that I wouldn’t make it through the whole day without crying. (Although I would like to point out I made it through the temple ceremony, the luncheon, and the first part of the ring ceremony without crying.) This meant that I had to have a really good waterproof mascara. For me that means the Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara.

The only complaint that I have about this mascara is that it doesn’t give my lashes the same length as the regular Better Than Sex Mascara. Otherwise, it is one of the only truly waterproof mascaras I have tried.


To me there is nothing more classic than the Urban Decay Naked Palette. This was gifted to me by my great sister-in-law a couple days before the wedding and I was instantly in love. I originally planned to use the Ulta Beauty Gilded Gold pallet but I really fell in love with this one instead.


My go to eyeliner has been the Ulta Beauty liquid liner for the past few years and I figured if it’s not broken then don’t fix it. I know that it goes on really well over my shadow and gives me the really precise line that I love.


This was probably the part of my makeup I was the most excited about. Since one of my colors was red I really wanted to find a lip color that matched it. Luckily one of my friends happens to sell LipSense and they carry a color that was perfect.

Normally Chris doesn’t like when I wear lipstick because when I kiss him it gets on him. However, Lipsense really gets it when it comes to lip stains. This stuff doesn’t budge all day so it was perfect for my wedding day.

The Day Itself

So for me the day before the wedding was far more stressful than the actual wedding day. This was the day that we had people flying in, flowers were arriving, it was my moms birthday, I had to get jewelry, and we took our bridal pictures. (Shoutout to the Sleepy lotion by Lush for helping me get some sleep that night.)

The day of the wedding I woke up around 5 to get ready and be to the temple by 8. We did the ceremony and took pictures with family afterward for a couple hours. Straight from there we went to the family luncheon with everyone. After we finished there I was lucky enough to have family that was taking care of everything while I took a little cat nap.

After that we did a ring ceremony and reception that seemed to fly by. I am so glad that I have a family of people that can plan and execute or else it would not have gone off as smoothly as it did.

Let me know what you guys think!

(P.S If you want to see more wedding/honeymoon pics head over to my Instagram @kateboswelll )

How Skincare and Makeup Help me Manage my Anxiety

Oh man this could come to be a really long post if I let it but mostly I just want to be able to share my experiences and maybe help someone out there that struggles the same way I do. I have talked about my anxiety a little bit on my blog before (you can read those posts here). Now I want to really draw the connection that it has to why I love makeup and skincare a lot. 

For me, makeup definitely started as a way to hide and fix what I didn’t like about my face. Now, its something totally different to me. However, having this beginning did help me to be really good at paying attention to the details of my makeup and skincare. 

When my anxiety really started to flare up again a few months ago, I would dread going to bed because that was when it would be the worst. To help myself recenter and focus my thoughts somewhere and I refined my skincare routine. Focusing on making sure it was helping my skin to feel and look its best was helpful for me. 

I read labels of every face wash, toner, moisturizer, mask and everything else that touched my skin. I tried to see what ingredients I thought were helping the most. I tried different combinations to see what they did to my skin until I found the ones that worked best. 

Reading other bloggers who were trying to do the same thing I was helped me a lot.  I loved that there were people that also suffered from anxiety and also had a passion for makeup and skincare. They were really inspirations to me. 

I did the same with makeup as well. Seeing as I didn’t sleep well, I would often wake up hours before I needed to. I had time to do my makeup very carefully and see what worked best for my skin, brows, lashes and eyes. There was time to try new products and make sure that every brow hair was perfectly plucked.

I had been really afraid of eye shadow and lipstick but I had the time to try them out and it helped me to calm down. 

I did get a little worried that I was becoming obsessed with skincare and makeup. But, I usually only did a lot of research and spent a lot of time paying attention to detail when I felt like I was getting close to an anxiety attack. I can’t say that it worked all the time but I definitely found even more love for beauty and skincare. 

I think most of the reason that I really liked skincare and makeup was that it was something that I already liked and I could focus on it and distract myself. 

Overall I really liked that skincare and makeup was something that I could focus on and that made me feel really good about myself. 

Let me know what made you guys really fall in love with makeup/skincare and how it’s helped you out. 

Products I use for a Treat Yo Self Night

I don’t know about you guys but I definitely love having a night to myself where I can just treat myself and focus on relaxing and treating myself. Usually I go for a nice bath, some skin and hair treatments, and a relaxing evening in. So here are a few things that I like to use for a treat yo self night:

(bonus points to anyone who has seen the Parks and Rec episode I am referring to)

I love starting out with a nice bath. This usually means that I like to start with candles and maybe an episode of old trash reality show reruns. My first ingredient is usually a bath bomb.

I always love to buy bath bombs from local places and farmers markets. These places always seem to have amazing products that are really unique. These ones I have gotten from a local shop and from a farmers market type booth on campus. They all smell really unique and I am super excited to use them.

Local Bath Bombs

As far as commercial places to get great bath bombs I love Lush. I like to use bath bombs that are meant to calm and relax so I usually go for something with lavender or chamomile in it. So far the one I have really liked from Lush that I have repurchased is the Ickle Baby Bot. I know that this is usually meant for kids but I really like it. It really helps me calm down with the lavender and chamomile in it and I also feel like it makes my skin really soft as well. The other one I have really wanted to try is The Big Sleep. Keep your eye out for a future post about this one!

My next ingredient for a treat yo self night is some bath salts. I love ones that tend to have lavender in them because they help me relax so much. The one I have now I bought at Winco and it smells really good and goes with my bath bomb really well so I feel extra relaxed. I have found that I really like natural scents and I really love most things that contain essential oils.

Petal Fresh Bath Salts

Just before I hop in my bath I like to grab either a book to read or I set up my laptop with an episode of the newest show that I’m watching. (This usually means reruns of ANTM on Hulu.)

Once I am in the bath I like to use a sugar scrub on my legs to make them extra soft. Sugar scrubs are some of my favorite products to use on my skin but I only use them when I do a treat yo self night. I dont know why I don’t do it more often but it makes them last a little longer. I use another local brand right now that I don’t really like as much as some of the commercial brands that I have used but it smells good so I haven’t felt the need to replace it yet.

Local Sugar Scrubs

My favorite commercial brands for sugar scrubs are Tree Hut and Soap & Glory. For the Tree Hut one I really like the Coconut Lime scent because it isn’t too sweet and sugary. I love that I feel like it really gets the dead skin off my legs and it makes them so ridiculously soft after I shave them. If you can’t tell by the pic this one has been well loved by me.

Tree Hut Sugar Scrub


As far as the Soap & Glory scrub I love the Sugar Crush Body Scrub. The scent of this is so unique and I fell in love with it the first time I used it. I can’t quite describe it so I just recommend going and getting some to fall in love with yourself. I love that this has a lot of moisturizing elements to it. On top of getting the dead skin off, it makes the fresh skin feel so healthy when I’m done.

After I am content with how much time I have spent in the bath I will drain the water and take a quick shower to be able to wash my hair and face. I know that this isn’t the most effective water saving technique but I never really feel like my hair can get clean in a bath.

Next comes the masks.

As far as a hair mask I have been trying a bunch but the one I always seem to go back to is the OGX Argon Oil Intense Moisturizing Treatment. I talk about this to everyone when they ask me how I get my hair so soft. For me it really has the best of all worlds when it comes to hair treatments. It smells amazing and I have never tried anything that makes my hair feel so good and so healthy and soft.

My favorite hair treatment

The other hair masks that I have been trying are the Love Beauty and Planet Murumuru Butter & Rose Blooming Strength and Shine mask. Honestly I don’t really see a ton of benefit from this mask but it is one of the best smelling products that I have used. For a treat yo self night I love things that smell good so sometimes I lean toward this one.

I don’t tend to be a big face mask person because I tend to just go straight to my prescriptions after I wash my face and I kind of forget about them. When I do remember that face masks are an option I still love The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Face Mask because it makes my skin feel really good. Before I started the prescriptions that I am on, products that have tea tree oil in them seemed to be the only things that were making my skin show any kind of improvement. It really helps my skin to feel like it is clean and refreshed.

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Mask


I also have enjoyed finding local shops that have face masks just like I do with bath bombs. Right now I have one on that is from a brand called TreeBee and I am really liking it. It kind of has the consistency of yogurt but it is making my skin feel great so if you can find a local shop, try them out!


I also wanted to mention another mask that I put on but I usually wait until the very end to put it on because it is a sleeping mask. It is the SOO AE Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask. This is the most moisturizing product I have tried so far and every time I use it I don’t wake up with flakey spots around my eyes and mouth.

Donkey Milk Sleeping Mask


After I have rinsed out my hair mask and taken off the face mask I get to my last few steps in treating myself. I usually like to moisturize my whole body. I don’t really like moisturizers that make my skin feel sticky or that feel like they just sit on top of my skin and stick to my PJs.

My go-to lotion has been the Vaseline Intensive Healing Moisturizer. It makes my skin feel so good and I am in love with the really light scent. I used to have really dry patches on my legs that would burn and this was the only product that would help so I have sworn by it ever since. I definitely recommend this if you are feeling a bit overwhelmed by scents at this point in your evening.

Vaseline Intensive Care Lotion

(Chris also uses this and he loves it as well. Just a side note for any guys that happen to follow my blog.)

However if you are still really loving all the creative and new scents then try another locally made product! At the moment I am loving some body butters that I have that I have found at farmers markets and some little boutiques around that are my go-to.

If you are looking for a really commercial deep moisturizer try out the Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil Gel. This stuff gives some of the deepest and longest lasting moisture that I have ever experienced. It also smells great and you really don’t have to use much to get a really great feeling for your skin.

My final step of the evening is tea. I love calming tea to end a really good night. I think that there are a lot of really great brands out there that I have tried. The one that I am currently obsessed with is a German brand that I can’t even really try to spell. I do know that it has lavender in it and that is one of my favorite tea components.

These are some of my favorite items that help me to have a really relaxing night. Weather I have just had a particularly tough day or if I am feeling extra anxious, I love using these to help me have a night to treat myself.

If you want to read more about what I do that also helps me relax when I am feeling anxious them check out my last blog post here.

Let me know what you guys like to use when you feel like treating or pampering yourself for an evening or if you’ve tried any of the products mentioned above!

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Dealing with my Anxiety

I have had this post in my drafts for a long time and I have been putting off posting it until now. My anxiety is something that is super hard for me to talk about sometimes but I felt like if I could help out one person with this post it would be worth it.

I have always had a fair amount of anxiety but it only started getting really bad a couple months ago. I thought the source of it was from a birth control that I had started mixed with wedding planning and being newly engaged.

To help fix this issue I put all wedding planning on my mom and stopped taking the birth control. I was still experiencing both anxiety attacks and panic attacks. I felt like I was in such a bad place and I had panic attacks from being afraid of getting another panic attack. I didn’t sleep and I didn’t eat for days on end. I really felt like I wasn’t the one in control of my own brain. It terrified me to be alone or to sleep or to eat. There were many nights that I made Chris drive an hour because I was crying and shaking too hard to even breathe. I would shake and pace and cry and I didn’t know how to even start to deal with any of it.

Nothing was helping and things were only getting worse for me. I started having panic attacks at work and it was getting in the way of regular things that I did. I went to the doctor and finally got a prescription and things were getting a little better. I was still struggling to eat and sleep and be alone but my anxiety attacks decreased from 4 times a week to only once or twice. I really thought that things were clearing up but I only had a limited amount of these pills and eventually I ran out and had to go back to the doctor. He gave me a new and different prescription (not because the first one didn’t work but because it isn’t meant for long time use) and I was really scared to try it.

I am currently still on it and it works okay. I still only sleep for about 3 hours at a time and I can get really scared to be alone because I am scared that I will have another panic attack.

Basically everyone has tried to tell me that its just the wedding but being with Chris seems to be one of the few things that calms me down. When I’m having an anxiety or panic attack it also seems like knowing that the wedding will be over in X amount of days doesn’t calm me at all. I have dealt with more stressful times in my life and dealt with them just fine. I don’t know where this anxiety comes from or what triggers it but I am trying everything that I possibly can.

I don’t just want to complain for a whole post so lets get into the things that I have done that seem to help. These are all based on my own personal experience so if you decide to try them I cannot guarantee that they will work. 

  1. Tea

I drink a lot of sleepy tea and it seems to at least help me sleep. This doesn’t necessarily help me with my anxiety but it does help with being able to sleep. Helping with this particular side effect is the best I can do right now. I drink it at about 9 every night and by the time midnight roles around I am usually tired enough to fall asleep. This doesn’t work for me every night but it helps enough that I do it most every night.

2. Essential Oils

I was definitely skeptical about this method for a long time but after I had used some that actually helped with what they were meant to, I decided to give it a try. I have bath bombs, body wash, and bath salts with calming and relaxing essential oils in them. I have found really help sometimes. I know that there are a lot of people that have tried to tell me that the effects of essential oils are all in my head but so is my anxiety so maybe it a match made in Heaven.

3. Prescriptions

While the other things that I have tried have been pretty big helps, being on a prescription for my anxiety has been one of the biggest helps. It can be super frustrating to try to find the right prescription that balances with other prescriptions you’re on such as birth control. I think that for me, even if it might not be the right anxiety medicine yet, knowing that I am on the path to finding it also helps me feel better.

4. Having someone to talk to

For me, this person is almost always Chris. Seeing as he has promised to deal with me for the rest of forever, having him around is pretty calming. Sometimes he will literally tell me that no matter how shakey I am and no matter how much I have the urge to pace around the house I just need to sit down and he will help to distract me until I start to feel better. Another person who has been a huge help to me has been my mom. My mom is the best possible mom I could have asked for and I don’t know that there are many people who understand me better than I understand myself like she does. She knows what to say and what to do to make me feel better even when I am 100% sure it won’t work.

5. Finding comfort in religion

If you are someone who is not religious or who does not find comfort in spiritual things then feel free to skip this paragraph. However, I promised myself that I wouldn’t chicken out of writing about this aspect of my anxiety so here it goes. For me being able to talk about church-related things more comfortably with people that struggle with similar things is so comforting. I know that through things such as prayer and scripture study I can to overcome things like this.

This has been a really tough subject for me to share as I am sure it is for many others that struggle with anxiety. I know that there are people who struggle in different ways and I really hope that something I have shared can help out.

Let me know what things you have found that help you when you’re feeling anxious.

Wedding Planning: Bridal Showers

So I know that technically this isn’t a thing that I plan but I am still involved so I figured I should write about it.

Just yesterday my aunt and my grandma threw me the best bridal sower. The theme was garden party and everything was so cute and perfect. I wish I would have taken pictures to show you guys but I was way too busy enjoying everything.

I had been traveling since Wednesday so I wasn’t really sure that I was in the mood for FFA (forced family activities) but everything turned out great. The morning of my bridal shower I had been camping with my parents and drove three hours to get to the party. When I walked in there was food and flowers everywhere and I still had to go get dressed and do my makeup so I didn’t even have time to process what was going on.

One thing about bridal showers that I learned is that since most everything is out of my hands that means that I shouldn’t stress. I was really nervous that Chris’ mom and Grandma wouldn’t get a long with my family very much. I definitely should have calmed down about this one because it looked like everyone got along great. I know that this may not be the experience of everyone when the two families meet but it is definitely a huge blessing to me that everyone gets a long really well. (Maybe they all secretly hate each other and were just putting on a show for me but I’d like to go with my first assumption.)

I also learned that my family. as well as Chris’ is so amazing and so thoughtful with gifts. I know that most of them traveled several hours there and back to be there to support me, which meant the world to me, and they gave me the most thoughtful gifts. I would list them all but that would take too long but just know that everything is amazing and I  love it and I have enough towels that there will never be anything wet in my apartment.

I realize that not everyone has the same experience with their bridal shower but I cannot even express how thankful I am for all the work and time that was put into mine. Everything from the food to the games to the decorations and the gifts was amazing.

Let me know what your best (or worst) bridal shower experiences are and how you deal with them!

Dealing With Period Skin


Basically periods suck all around. I think the only benefit I ever saw from having one was freshman year gym class when I didn’t have to swim for that week.

On top of the many things that I dislike about my period my skin falls within the top 3.

I used to think that hormones only effected your skin right around your period but I have come to the conclusion that I can tell where I am at in my cycle based on what my skin is doing. Generally around the time of my period is my least favorite stage.

2 weeks before: My skin starts to break out just a little bit. Usually just a couple little pimples in the really sensitive areas of my face like the crease of my nose or my hairline.

2-3 days before: My skin starts to get really dry. It gets to the point where it burns to put on moisturizer and is constantly flaking and getting red. The worst areas for me during this time are right around my mouth and right next to my eyes along my cheekbones.

During: I don’t really have any complaints about my skin during my period. This might be the one time that I feel like its not getting too oily or dry and my breakouts have cleared up for a bit.

As far as tips for dealing with trouble skin during different times of your cycle here is what I do:

For oily days: On the days when my skin is more oily I still use moisturizer but I go for a more water based moisturizer. My go to has been the Simple Hydro-Boost moisturizer. I also am pretty adamant about drinking lots of water.

For makeup on these days I use the Maybelline Fit Me foundation and the Flower setting powder. I also make sure that I carry setting powder around with me so that when my skin gets a bit more oily during the day.

For dry days: On days when my skin is dry and flakey I don’t tend to wear a lot of makeup because it flakes off. I still use the same Soap and Glory face wash during these days. It is a bit more drying but it seems that if I change my face wash it only makes it worse.

I make sure that I use the Loreal Skin Active moisturizer over my whole face and an oil based skin serum around my eyes and mouth where my skin is the flakiest.

For breakout days: I have a lot less breakouts now that I’m on these prescriptions but on the days when I have a few more trouble spots the Tarte Shape Tape is my best friend. I do the normal skincare routine but when I do my makeup I make sure that I use some color correction with the Shape Tape on top of trouble spots.


Let me know what you guys do to help your skin for your period and the best tips and tricks you have for different parts of your cycle.