Another goal I have before the wedding is having better skin. My skin is bad to say the least. I have a lot of scarring and marks on my skin that make it really hard to convince myself to leave my apartment without makeup when it feels like I’m walking into a sea of porcelain-skin-beauties.

Over the past year since my skin started to get bad I have tried just about every home remedy and well-known skin tip known to man so I finally decided to go to a Dermatologist and see what could be done.

I went to Alpine Dermatology here in Rexburg and they were so nice to me. They explained all my options thoroughly and answered all of my questions. We came to the conclusion that I would be prescribed two creams and a pill and in two months there would be a follow up appointment to see how things were going.

I was warned that it would make my skin really dry for the first two weeks and if I could make it through that then I should start to see some improvement in my skin.

I really underestimated just how dry it would get. The first few days were a little more dry than normal but nothing too bad and I was thinking, I got this. My skin will be clear and I can move on.

It definitely wasn’t that simple. Last night I took my pill at dinner and then I washed my face and put on my creams and then my moisturizer and then my skin started burning.

Now I have gotten tattoos in some of the most painful places and I have also had my belly button pierced and this was more painful than both of those combined.

My skin turned red and burned and the only thing that seemed to offer any solace was putting a cold washcloth on my face.

After a couple hours it subsided enough for me to lay down and I discovered that if I kept my window open then the breeze cooled the burning enough for me to get some sleep.

This morning I slept most of the day so I skipped my morning pill (oops) and the only thing I have done to my skin is rubbed some rose and collagen serum on it which seems to be helping with the moisture problem.

Sorry for the long story but as far as a rocky start to my “better skin journey” I think this was pretty good.

Class Summaries: Winter 2018


For this class we are required to do a faculty mentor visit, a writing workshop or academic discovery workshop and also finish our Grad Plan. We can either come at 7 am or 5 pm, as long as you come to one it doesn’t matter.


Everyone comes to communication for a different reason. We want jobs and employment. Employers want experience over education. That is why we have practicums and internships. To have a career in communications you need to know how to write. It is the most important skill. 397 R section 3 is Soapbox and PR. The scroll is about telling stories and their goal is to inform, inspire, and entertain. Soapbox is the student run advertising agency. They do a lot if video editing and they mix with the business department.


To access the Grad Plan you can just search it. It tells you your opportunity cost, how much you will spend in a year and what classes you need to take. You can also create an alternative Grad Plan. To finish your grad plan you need to click validate at the bottom of the page. If there is a problem you can send a message to an academic advisor or you can make an appointment with them in the Academic Advising office. A screenshot of your approved plan needs to be emailed to Sister Scholes by Thursday March 8th.


Writing seminars are required for the class. You have to be an intelligent news consumer. The news isn’t consumed as heavily in this part of the country. As a student you get free online access to wall street journal. If you want to be informed about the profession you are going into then you need to read the news. Be serious about blogging and online portfolio. You should try to create content that shows who you are. Freedom of press ensures we can get accurate information. Without freedom of the press we don’t have accurate information. Without the first amendment we wouldn’t have the restoration. Social media feed only tells half the story of what is actually going on. Journalism is in a golden age because people are getting more creative with news. There are new ways of telling stories that only the internet can do. Go to the writing seminars.


Posting a video increases the interaction with post  on social media by 94%. It takes many types of people to make videos happen. Mostly in cable and radio you can find opportunities. News and reporters make about 52-35 thousand. They can work in broadcast stations, making commercial, independent, PR firms, etc. To make major motion pictures take 100s of people to make. To make shorter videos is only about 3-4 people. Independent production means you do just about everything. 


We are here because we want to create. Elder Uchtdorf video about creating. Advertising helps you be creative. Entertainment helps it to be memorable. Most money spent in advertising is still in commercial TV. Advertising includes print ads, brochures, direct mail, websites, outdoors, internet, social media. Advertising is the structured and composed non personal communication of information, usually paid for and usually persuasive in nature, about products, by identified sponsors through various media. Companies must use mass media. 85% of money is spent in media.


Visual communication is necessary. Every emphasis needs visual communication. 130 is the most basic design class that everyone is required to take. Visual society is for everyone who is interested in doing visual work. Side hustle facebook page for any side design projects you want critiqued. 


Advocacy works well with other emphasis- especially visual. Involve a lot of partners which means a lot of networking. Advocacy answers a lot of what if questions. Community organizations are a huge involvement.  Voice really focuses on social issues. Takes a lot of listening and respectful communication. It teaches you marketable skills. is a great place to find jobs. Involves legislative influencing/lobbyist kind of things. Voice does a lot of really cool opportunities. 


Next week is the senior showcase, no class. Find Sister Scholes to get the checklist. Brother Cannon: PR is the broadest of the emphasis. PR is in all places you can imagine. There is little to no gender disparity. Everyone has a different reason for selecting public relations. You can do PR for anything you’re interested in. Public Relations Student Society of America meets Wednesdays Kirkham 201 from 5-6. Public relations is an ever changing field. Publics in public relations can be segmented into different audiences. PR is sending messages the public wants to hear.

Wedding Planning: Part 1

Planning a wedding is stressful. No News there. 6 months to put together the happiest day of my life. (While trying to also remain happy during said 6 months.)

The flowers, the dress, the location, the ceremony, the guests. I could go on forever but, you get the point.

So this is me documenting it. There are plenty of people probably doing the same thing but here is my journey.

So at this point Chris and I aren’t actually engaged yet. Like we have agreed that we are going to get married and we have a tentative date, my ring finger is just still vacant. (Early on in the relationship I told him exactly where I wanted to be proposed to at and we aren’t going there until spring break.)

However here are the things that we have figured out:

  1. Colors- Maroon and Charcoal grey

2. Reception Venue- His parents backyard

3. Registry- Okay so this one isn’t done but we have a solid start on it so…

4. Date – Nothing is actually set in stone and I don’t want to spoil it

5. Temple we want to get married in- Meridian, Idaho

6. The ring

Maybe some of these things will change but for now it is nice to feel like I’m getting some things figured out.

So far it is stressful to say the least, with jobs and school and traveling I am definitely afraid something important will fall through the cracks. I can see why people hire a planner but I am determined to do this the old-fashioned way. My mom and I hashing out details over a table full of ads from magazines and my Pinterest board that I started like 3 years ago.

As far as some of the other bigger details like the dress, photographer, the food, and literally everything else. Here are my current thoughts:

Dress: I want to wear my mom’s dress. My grandma will make it a little less 90’s and also the right size.

Photographer: Both Chris and I have friends that are photographers that would be totally capable and I would trust them with our engagement and wedding photos. My dad is also a really good photographer who I would also trust with them so I guess with three photographers someone is bound to get a picture of both of us smiling at the same time.

Food: This is a problem for future Kate.

So yeah, thats my thoughts for now. I have merely begun to plan my wedding and while it is stressful, it is also exciting to be planning the day that I have been planning for since I was little with my favorite person in the world by my side.


(P.S. Chris is helping me I promise, he just knows that I am a high-stress control freak so he just lets me do my thing and steps in exactly when I need him.)


New Years Resolutions: Photoshop

I had three resolutions this year: start blogging more, get better at photoshop, and get better at photography. Its already February 4th and I have only been succeeding at 2 so here is my start on the third.

I have been working on getting better at photoshop and photography (I am not nearly as good as I want to be but I am definitely better than I was a month ago) and I would still categorize myself as a beginner but I am definitely better than I was a month ago.

My biggest goal is to familiarize myself with photoshop and document my progress through my blog so here it goes.

(Also a huge shoutout to my amazing boyfriend, Chris, for walking around in the cold with me and being my subject and also letting me use some of his pictures from his recent vacation.)

Here is the original of the first picture:


And here is what I did to it:


I know its not a lot but its definitely more than I could have done a month ago.

With this picture I was trying to get better at using the spot healing brush tool and using image adjustments and while I know there’s no drastic change I would like to think that I’m better at it than I was a month ago.

Here is the original of the second picture I was working on:


Here is what I did to it:


With this picture I was trying to get better at filters and I think maybe I did a good job.

These are the first attempts of mine to get more familiar with photoshop and to get better at using it.

I also really want to get better at photography but that one has kind of been on the back-burner since it is still way too cold here to be outside for very long.

Both photos used were taken by myself or Chris.

Photography Reverse Engineer

Good photography is about more than just taking a picture. It involves elements that add visual interest for the eye. These elements can include a depth of field, rule of thirds, and leading lines. Here are a few examples:


Rule of Thirds:

ruleofthirdsexample by Myles Tan


This is an example of the rule of thirds because you have the girl in the field in the foreground then the trees along the shore in the mid-ground, then the ocean and the mountains in the background.

Here is my attempt to recreate the rule of thirds:


Photo by me


In this picture, in the foreground there is the man, the tree, and the bush. In the mid-ground there is the town and in the background there are the mountains and the clouds.

Leading lines:


Photo by: Robert Andall


In this photo you can see that the lines of the buildings give the photo depth. It makes the street seem like its endless and continues into the background indefinitely.

Here is my attempt to recreate this style:


Photo by me.


In this photo the lines of the field help the buildings in the background appear farther away and like the field goes on indefinitely.

Depth of Field:



Photo by: Lucas Becker


In this photo you can see that the angle of the photo helps you to see the distance of the field of vision. The front of the bridge is in focus while the distant hill is not as much which helps it to see farther away.

Here is my attempt to duplicate the depth of field:


Photo by me.


In this photo you can see that the mountains and the clouds in the distance make the picture seem like it goes on indefinitely but you can see as far as humanly possible.

In conclusion photography, and especially good photography, require more than just snapping a picture. Taking into account these elements makes pictures deeper and more visually dynamic.


Original: disabilities-memes-1482348-tablet.jpg

Edited: typography


Type 1: The first type of typography used is a slab-serif. This is identified by the slanted extra serifs at the ends of each line of each character.

Type 2: The second type is a sans-serif. This is identified by the clean cut lines and the absence of serifs at the ends of the lines of the characters.

These two typefaces are contrasting because one is much more clean cut and the other has a small decorative element. These help you to notice the differences in the words and which ones are more to the point and clear and which  ones are more decorative.

These contribute to the all over design because they help the words to stand out against each other and they help the eye be guided to what is the most important thing in the quote.

Reverse Engineering Post- Apple

The reverse engineer post is meant to help us see designs and be able to point out the aspects of them such as color, proximity, alignment, contrast, repetition.




Color: The colors used in this ad are very simple. The limited use of color ads to the impact of the aspects that do use color. The purple flower on the phone makes the phone an obvious centerpiece of the image. The use of color also makes the use of whitespace more impactful. It helps to make the phone and the text stand out as much as possible. The contrast between the mostly black phone and text draws the eye to that.


Proximity: The use of white space in this ad is vital. Centering the text and the phone makes them the clear focus and you know that that is the clear focus. The text is also very close to the phone and it is very clear that they are in reference to one anther.  


Alignment: The phone and the text are both center aligned with white space on either side. This helps the eye stay drawn to the images and helps it naturally shift from the text describing it to the image of the phone without any other distractions. This also helps the eye to be able to not be distracted with things outside the image with the use of white space.


Contrast: The contrast between the simplicity of the text and the detail of the image on the phone helps the viewer to not be distracted by what they are saying about the product and rather focus on the product itself. It also helps the viewer to be able to see that the focus is the product and that it speaks for itself.


Repetition: I think the repetition of whitespace gives this ad the biggest impact. With limited text and only one image the white space seems to scream the loudest to me. It shows the simplicity and luxury of the product being advertised.



This ad, though appearing simple, contains many advanced aspects of design. With the use of whitespace and simple text and images the viewer knows exactly what they are looking at and the point of the ad gets across very quickly.

Magazine Project

1. Description: a magazine for the students of BYUI
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):First I took the pictures to go with the magazine. Then I found the talk I want to use and created the file in indesign. Then I created the front cover with the picture of the temple and placed the teasers around the enges and the black box on top. Then on the inside I placed the pictures I edited in photoshop and I put in the text boxes for the talk onthe page. The I played with the text until I got as much of it to fit as I could without looking squished. Then I placed just a simple picture on the back cover.
3. Message: A magazine for people who want to experience the spirit of ricks.
4. Audience: college students at BYUI
5. Top Thing Learned:  magazines are meant to be more visual than content oriented. 
6. Title Font Name & Category:
7. Copy Font Name & Category:Noteworthy Bold & light
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:

Brochure Project

1. Description: a pamphlet for a clothing company
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):first I drew out a plan for the brochure on paper. Then I found the pictures I wanted to use on both unspash and pictures I have taken on my own. Then I created the brochure document with 3 columns in indesign. Then I placed the text on the inside panels using the noteworthy font in both light and bold. Then I placed the pictures in photoshop documents the size of each panel and then place them in indesign behind the text. Then I found a font for the front cover and placed it on the front panel. Then I placed the pictures and the rest of the text on the other panels.
3. Message: A company meant for people who either live on the beach or want to dress like they live at the beach.
4. Audience: Men and women ages 16-29
5. Top Thing Learned:  Brochures are meant to get information across not necessarily take away from the company. 
6. Title Font Name & Category:
7. Copy Font Name & Category:Noteworthy Bold & light
8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:

image (7)9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link):



Webpage Design

1. Description: Webpage design for a beach clothing company
2. Process (Programs, Tools, Skills, FOCUS principles):I used photoshop for this project. First I selected an image of a beach that was relatively plain to use as the background. I then took the opacity down to 30%. Then after that I created another text layer and put the word Cali in it. I then changed the font color to contrast the blue background. Then I changed the font to look more like cursive handwriting. After that I added another text layer with the words “live a California lifestyle” and changed the color to be darker than the headline and changed the font to be more readable and closer to a modern font. Then I chose 4 pictures to use for the sections. I then sized them to the same size and place then equidistant apart. I then created 4 more text layers with the words “mens” “womens” “childrens” and “videos” and made the font and color match the tagline. then finally at the bottom I put the words “copyright info” and “Contact Info” and made them the same font as the tagline and made them blue to contrast the orange like background.
3. Message: Clothing for people who want to go to the beach or look like they live a beach-like lifestyle
4. Audience: Men and women age 18-28
5. Top Thing Learned: Websites having too many clashing characteristcs look messy and unorganized
6. Title Font Name & Category: SavoyeLet Plain
7. Copy Font Name & Category: Seravek-extraight italic

8. Thumbnails of any original, unedited image used in the project:
9. Source of each image (website name and hyper link):